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Anna Leone // Gallery

Relive a bewitching performance from Anna Leone with support from Luckie at St Pancras Church, London

Ross From Friends – Family Portrait // Album Review

Ross From Friends has produced a deeply personal first album, less obviously ready for the dancefloor than previous releases.

Brainchild Festival x 30/70 // Listen

30/70 introduce brainchild festival 2018 with listen playlist
Once a year, South East London’s music scene uproots and resettles somewhere between London and Brighton for a big bash called Brainchild.

Joe Armon-Jones & Maxwell Owin Present Idiom // Live Review

South London duo Joe Armon-Jones and Maxwell Owin present Idiom at Bussey Building.

Cymbals // In Short

Cymbals' singer Jack Cleverly talks Rentokil and John Mayer as he answers the twelve short questions you know and love.

Ross From Friends // Live Review

The extra presence supplied by live musicians, combined with an energy that only 2am-in-Corsica-Studios can supply, results in a very special show.

Brainchild Festival // Review

Being free from the grimey clutches of the Man is key to Brainchild’s appeal, joyous energy and critical success. It’s also the only festival I’ve been to and not seen a single can of Carling...

Mr Jukes // Interview

“It’s risky doing a solo record," Jack Steadman explains. "You need as much levelling as you can. I didn’t want to call myself the captain.”

Mr Jukes – God First // Album Review

First and foremost, this is an album with its roots deep in the hip-hop culture of sampling.

Brainchild Festival #2 // Listen

Brainchild 2017 playlist curated by emma jean thackray
Jazz musician Emma-Jean Thackray is your guide to Brainchild Festival: a wonderful world of music, art, poetry and intellectual stimulation that takes place once a year in East Sussex.

Brainchild Festival // Listen

Once a year, South East London’s music scene uproots and resettles somewhere between London and Brighton for a big bash called Brainchild.

Rips – Rips // Album Review

Rips is a self-reflective litany of personal failings; a stream of consciousness on frustrations with self and society.

Willie J Healey // In Short

After touring with Beach Baby and Palace, Willie J Healey's Sideshow Bob barnet and slacker attitude has become a familiar sight across the UK.

Palace // Live Review

Palace are four guys making music to think about, ruminate over and decode; to revel in its vivid lyrical imagery.

Jerkcurb // Live Review

Jerkcurb Jacob Read
Jerkcurb's newly filled-out band play freaky show at Angel's Electrowerkz.

Puma Blue // Live Review

Puma for the cagey, twitchy power of singer/head-honcho Jacob Allen. Blue for the feels you get when listening to his sexy falsetto .

Max Pope // Live Review

More than anything, it is the sincerity of Pope’s enthusiastic brand of poppy guitar music that shines through.

The Two Bears // Live Review

The 2 bears’ penultimate set of their 12 week XOYO residency was a dancy affair. Inviting punters to connect with their dancefloor neighbour.

CC14 // Review

Returning from its 2013 Dublin excursion a slightly different animal, here are our highlights from this year's two-day Camden Crawl

Arcade Fire // Live Review

A show where the message of the songs, the actions of the band, and the spirit of the performance all aligned. A fond farewell to Earls Court

Arctic Monkeys // Live Review

The black leather of Arctic Monkeys grabs our hand, and pulls us over the nocturnal threshold like an impatient lover in the first of two sell-out nights at Finsbury Park

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