Rudi Abdallah


Sunflower Bean // Interview

We invite you to immerse yourself in an album simultaneously anxious about and in awe of life.

Primal Scream // Live Review

London Palladium - April 1st 2016 The London Palladium seems too polite a venue for Primal Scream. Velvet seats, binoculars for a quid and £4.50 for...

Night Beats // Interview

We have an in-depth chat to Night Beats about their range of influences, how they write and pillow cakes.

THE CORAL // Live Review

The Coral have moved beyond that sound and the eccentricity of their lawless debut.

The Jesus and Mary Chain // Live Review

Devotion came easy for the Mary Chain tonight, and with good reason.

Night Beats // Live Review

In a cramped and clustered space, a rapt audience is treated to a volcanic outpouring of rock n roll

Telegram // Live Review

Overflowing with riffs and beautifully synchronised harmonies, Telegram make us earn their admiration on a night of exemplary rock n’ roll.

Choir of Young Believers – Grasque // Album Review

Grasque will slither into cafes with board games rather than carve a unique identity in the creative margins.

Tom Murray // Interview

Judging by the reaction he elicits between songs, Tom Murray is nothing less than local royalty.

The Spitfires // Live Review

Enemies of guitar music eager to see its demise were assisted massively by tonight’s celebration of tedium.

Lusts // Live Review

Lusts’ greatest triumph is the successful conversion of the ethereal harmonies that decorated the album onto stage.

Lusts – Illuminations // Album Review

Bursting out of Leicester in a shower of squall drenched reverb, Lusts are an amalgamation of every different indie cornerstone from the past thirty years

Kid Wave // Live Review

In a realm where electro-pop demons snare every musical trajectory, Kid Wave are gloriously unfashionable

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