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Menace Beach – Lemon Memory // Album Review

Liza Violet and Ryan Needham’s second album still packs the same punch, but this time it's more refined, like a boxer who’s spent hours in the gym instead of scrapping on street corners

New Sounds of 2017 // Fish

Fish feature in our New Sounds of 2017 feature.

New Sounds of 2017 // Frigs

Frigs feature in our New Sounds of 2017 feature.

Pixie Geldof – I’m Yours // Album Review

I'm Yours is a crutch for anyone who’s been left feeling emotionally bruised by life

The Wytches – All Your Happy Life // Album Review

By finding the light to their shade, The Wytches have added a new dimension to their already powerful sound

Banks – The Altar // Album Review

This album is a document of a woman, who she is and how she feels, regardless of who’s listening, and that alone should be enough to have you worshipping at Banks’ altar

Vomitface – Hooray For Me // Album Review

Hooray For Me could easily soundtrack each phase of a storm; a brittle yet powerful first step


Montreal’s No Joy are sticking two fingers up at everyone that’s ever tried to pigeonhole them

Let’s Eat Grandma – I, Gemini // Album Review

I, Gemini is like the soundtrack to a lysergic fairytale, covering the spectrum of playful, dark and completely, wonderfully batshit

Tacocat – Lost Time // Album Review

Seattle’s Tacocat are a band that can’t help but have fun; Lost Time is gloriously unique from start to finish

Palehound – Dry Food // Album Review

Dry Food is world-weary and hurt, wanting revenge but failing and eventually beginning to get over the hump

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