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MØ – Forever Neverland // Album Review

In the four years since MØ released her debut album, No Mythologies To Follow, the Danish pop hero has become a global star...

Dilly Dally – Heaven // Album Review

A year spent writing got the band out of the woods and back on gloriously abrasive form and, despite its uncertain beginnings, Heaven is a beacon of positivity.

Dizzy – Baby Teeth // Album Review

Baby Teeth sounds like it was made for drifting down deserted suburban streets in that weird half-light before dawn, full of yearning.

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – Hope Downs // Album Review

No matter what mood Rolling Blackouts C.F. are in, you'll want to weather the storm with them.

La Luz – Floating Features // Album Review

The heat of the west coast oozes through the four-piece's third album, melding into their psychedelic haze like melted ice cream into the pavement.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Sex & Food // Album Review

While UMO's fourth album exhibits some of the bleaker elements of life in 2018, it tries to do so in a slick of upbeat, psychedelic disco.

Gwenno // Interview

Le Kov is the antidote to the storm swirling around the world right now - bright, mythical, and magical. For Gwenno, that was always the aim.

Stef Chura – Messes // Album Review

Inspired by folk greats and 90s feminist punk, the record marries a ton of emotion with bold collages of spiky guitars.

Dama Scout // New Sounds 2018

New Sounds of 2018, Rhian Daly talks Dama Scout taking their time and blossoming in 2018

Curtis Harding – Face Your Fear // Album Review

Produced in collaboration with Danger Mouse and Sam Cohen, it's also a more refined record.

Anna Of The North // Interview

With her debut album finally released, Anna Of The North will make you believe in fate.

Torres – Three Futures // Album Review

Musically, it's stormy, industrial and tightly wound. Lyrically, it's clear that Mackenzie Scott's tongue and brain want to go wandering.

Queens Of The Stone Age – Villains // Album Review

Are Josh Homme's gang of rock'n'roll punishers stepping into safer, more chart-friendly territory?

Soccer Mommy // Interview

With her debut album Collection on repeat, Rhian Daly explores the stunning bedroom recordings that define Soccer Mommy.

Downtown Boys – Cost Of Living // Album Review

Cost Of Living, the follow-up to their brilliant 2015 debut Full Communism, sees them continuing to fight for what's right.

Childhood – Universal High // Album Review

Universal High is one of the smoothest records of 2017, but under its caramel grooves and glassy melodies lies heartbreak.

Marika Hackman // Interview

Fresh from dropping her eagerly-awaited new album, Marika Hackman talks Spice Girls, sexuality and finally being able to let rip on stage.

Lorde – Melodrama // Album Review

Lorde's new album full of heartbreak and Melodrama reviewed by Rhian Daly

Julien Baker – Sprained Ankle // Album Review

Sprained Ankle is chock full of gorgeous, crisp gems

Meat Wave – The Incessant // Album Review

Written after frontman Chris Sutter came out of a 12-year relationship, the 24- year-old nearly scrapped the whole thing and started again. Give thanks to the voice in his head that stopped him.

Maggie Rogers // Interview

We catch up with Maggie Rogers ahead of her debut EP.

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