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Online Editor for London in Stereo

Sorry // Interview

For some bands, the road to their first album is one filled with lofty ambition, high anxiety and the sense that they could be...

ShitKid – Duo Limbo/Mellan himmel å helvete // Album Review

Although the results are a bit too eclectic and random at times to feel like a well-rounded album, you get the sense with ShitKid that’s the sort of thing they wanted you to expect.

Lucy Dacus – 2019 // EP Review

Though it doesn’t sound coherent enough to seem like she’d planned to release the project as a full-length album, as a side-project, it’s given Lucy more space to experiment and she sounds all the freer for it.

Anna Of The North // Interview

“It was like losing that part of me, so I had to find that again. You just have to start over.”

Lucy Dacus // In Photos

Ahead of her show at Omeara, Lucy Dacus takes us on the road of her current tour.

Moaning // In Five

Their self-titled debut is an abrasive, moody guitar record with a cohesive direction that seems natural after so many years of friendship.

Chynna // In Five

Brooklyn-via-Philadelphia rapper and model Chynna shares five tracks which have influenced her sound.

Black Gold Buffalo // In Short

We talk to Black Gold Buffalo ahead of their long-awaited self-titled debut album.

Loma // In Short

Get to know Loma better ahead of their upcoming show at The Lexington.

Geowulf – Great Big Blue // Album Review

On first listen Great Big Blue is an album that oozes sunny laid-back charm, the sonic equivalent of driving down an empty road by the beach, sun blazing, saturation up high.

Lucy Dacus // In Five

Lucy Dacus shares five tracks which influenced new album Historian.

Christian Löffler // In Photos

Christian Löffler gives us a tour of a day spent recording in his isolated studio on Germany's Darss Penninsula.

The Lexington // Interview

Today, we're at The Lexington talking to booker Matty about his favourite things about the venue and what more needs to be done to save live music.

Omeara // Interview

We chat to booker Chloe Mitchell at Omeara, who's putting on positive spin on some of the challenges venues face.

Paper Dress // Interview

We talk to Steve from Paper Dress in Hackney about the challenges of being a small live music venue (as well as a vintage clothes shop!) and what more needs to be done to support venues like his.

The Dome // Interview

We talk to Ryan De Freitas from The Dome about his favourite shows at the venue, what more we could be doing to support live music and his hopes for the future of independent venues.

Hatchie // In Short

Hatchie is the golden shoegaze-y pop project of Brisbane-based Harriette Pilbeam.

gal-dem // Interview

We speak to gal-dem about their upcoming Jazz Cafe takeover, artists they're backing to be huge in 2018 and their top tips for making it in the media.

Raye // New Sounds 2018

Sound of 2018 our top pick Raye talks writing, famous supporters and friends.

Loah // In Short

On latest single 'Nothing', Loah tells a story of self-discovery and recovery after a failed relationship.

Spinning Coin – Permo // Album Review

The tracks on Permo cover all sorts of terrain, and that's due to the band's two songwriters Sean Armstrong and Jack Mellin taking turns on principal writing duties.

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