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Nakhane – You Will Not Die // Album Review

Album highlights 'You Will Not Die' and 'Presbyteria' are slow-burning, piano-led anthems that put tenderness at the forefront of the record; his pain is there, demanding to be heard, but it's resilient.

Hookworms // Interview

In our February cover story, Rachel Grace Almeida discovers how the band's finest album became a tool of self-expression and comfort.

Baths // Interview

“As long as the song makes you feel emotional, even if you can’t pin down what it is. That’s key for me.”

Citizen – As You Please // Album Review

But what makes this record so gut wrenching at its core is the narration of fear, despair and hope lead singer Mat Kerekes expels...

Lapalux – Ruinism // Album Review

You could say that, to him, less is more – and that's no different on his latest effort, Ruinism.

Jamila Woods // Interview

As Jamila Woods' status soars, all she wants to do is give back to the community in Chicago. In our June issue, Rachel Grace Almeida explores how her musicianship is doing so much good for the city.

Oliver Wilde – Post-Frenz Container Buzz // Album Review

Post-Frenz Container Buzz is a body of work that reveals more as it goes on – about Wilde, his view of the world and his new lease of life.

Cloud Nothings – Life Without Sound // Album Review

Cloud Nothings, treading through darkness and futility, have finally found their light

Magana – Golden Tongue // EP Review

In this beautiful debut, Magana delivers the haunted resilience of someone who has found self-acceptance

Joyce Manor – Cody // Album Review

Joyce Manor
Cody isn’t about becoming jaded with age – it’s about seeing the world for how it really is, and making peace with that

Ray Blk // Interview

The South London singer and Stormzy-collaborator Ray Blk sits down with Rachel Grace Almeida for August's cover story

Penny For Your Thoughts // Rachel Grace Almeida

Rachel Grace Almeida delves into America's backwards gun laws in this month's Penny

Yeasayer // Interview

Rachel Grace Almeida catches up with the Brooklyn trio as they release their latest album, Amen & Goodbye

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