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Skunk Anansie – Anarchytecture // Album Review

Twenty years after their heyday and Skunk Anansie are still standing apart, seemingly a little out of their time.

Fufanu – Few More Days To Go // Album Review

Discordant arpeggios and a fine slackened beat help to unspool Fufanu’s mechanised modus operandi, and the band sound more engaging for it

Bachar Mar-Khalifé // Live Review

A night whose rousing musical rendering of identity, anger, passion and lust, of what it is to be human, had seldom felt more necessary.

Mbongwana Star // Live Review

Everyone roared back that they were happy to dance all night. No more eloquent endorsement was needed.

!!! – As If // Album Review

The US band’s latest wears the scent of the European scene, on this unexpectedly glossy but reassuringly danceable sixth release

Nicolas Godin – Contrepoint // Album Review

There are flatter moments to the album, but given its restless breadth, these aren’t dwelt on for long.

The Phoenix Foundation – Give Up Your Dreams // Album Review

Give Up Your Dreams is too smart, experimental and rhythmic to be wholly tamed by processed sheen

Asian Dub Foundation – More Signal More Noise // Album Review

Though the occasional rallying cry is dated by agit-skank circa the band’s nineties inception, ADF’s ace remains their fusion of bhangra, ragas and Eastern percussion to punky dancehall and drum’n’bass

Dead Kennedys // Live Review

Nearly four decades in and during its high points, it was easy to become immersed and even to forget about who wasn’t there.

Outfit – Slowness // Album Review

Outfit's second full-length Slowness is an album whose clear inventiveness is sometimes smothered by considered sophistication

Leftfield – Alternative Light Source // Album Review

Leftfield didn't get the progressive-house rep for nothing, and it's big-bottomed astral bangers like these that will keep this superstar soundsystem in arena-sized sellouts

Elvis Depressedly – New Alhambra // Album Review

“There’s so much more to life, than all these wastes of time” sings Cothran and, other than ‘New Alhambra’’s superior bookends, it’s an apt sentiment here.

C Duncan // Live Review

Duncan’s gift for haute songcraft and honeyed melody was brilliantly served when set to chipper pop

Jacco Gardner // Live Review

a dizzying collage of swaying stoner pop where the band pulled out multiple hooks so pronounced you could hang your kaftans on them.

Malpas // Live Review

Malpas’ songs are subtle affairs and though the pair made a success of transporting their intricate craft to a live setting

This Is The Kit – Bashed Out // Album Review

The sort of luxuriant voice that deserves its own dressing room, backed with rootsy percussive acoustica, sustained guitar harmonics and music box effects... Rapturous ambient pop

The Go! Team – The Scene Between // Album Review

Impactful vocal hooks and euphoric melodic swells make The Scene Between as revitalising as a lungful of sea breeze

Chilly Gonzales – Chambers // Album Review

A flawlessly performed project that requests studious attention of its listeners.

Public Service Broadcasting – The Race For Space // Album Review

PSB's ambient electro-rock leans too heavily on the gravitas of the archive speech, and serves mainly as thematic backing

Songhoy Blues – Music in Exile // Album Review

Strip ‘Music In Exile’ of all context and what’s left is a funky, fiery, addictive record

Gaz Coombes – Matador // Album Review

Full of techniques only successfully deployed by the most gifted composers. Coombes has made his claim.

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