Natalie Archer


Basement // Live Review

The room was cold, aesthetically bare and the sound was slightly sketchy but with an impressive three-act line up, who’s complaining?

Born Ruffians // Live Review

80% of the crowd are as consumed by Born Ruffians as me. During a show like this, how could you not be? They have passion, heart and above all, talent.

Ceremony – The L Shaped Man // Album Review

The L Shaped Man is complex, mature and marks a turning point in Ceremony's impressive musical career

Curtis Harding // Live Review

Dripping with originality and authenticity that is not only evident in his style but in his gritty tunes and gripping stage presence.

Interpol // Live Review

Over-all this evening I experienced all the emotions you do when seeing a great band live; joy, excitement, melancholy and sadness.

Tops // Live Review

Lead singer Jane Penny has the kind of soft sweet voice capable of making hearts flutter.

Flyte // Live Review

a Flyte show is an exploration of influences, a trip back in time and for that, it's a whole lot of fun.

Future Islands // Live Review

Field Day Future Islands
Those who were previously seated on the balcony had gotten to their feet, arms in the air, singing those lyrics that made the song an instant classic

It’s All Happening // Live Review

Dogs on the roof, bunch of cool bands and grilled meats. Three things that indicate all-dayer fun at the Brixton Windmill, this time around curated by zine and promo outfit It’s All Happening.

Peace & Cold Specks // Live Review

Converse take us on a London adventure involving Peace, Cold Specks, beer, burritos and tons of fun.

Bloody Knees – Stitches // EP Review

Their latest EP Stitches is everything you could want in a melodic pop punk record.

Hardly a Party // Live Review

It’s easy to love Art is Hard, even more so when their birthday comes around and they put on a buttload of rad bands for a ludicrously cheap amount

Yung Lean // Live Review

I’d love to say Yung Lean and his clique are just some talentless fame obsessed Tumblr fuckboys but I’d be wrong.

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