Luke Morgan Britton


Cymbals Eat Guitars – Lose // Album Review

Visceral and immediate, Lose is a rare sort of epic-sized record that comes along and seems to echo your entire being

Gulp – Season Sun // Album Review

At times risks Season Sun risks criticism of derivativeness but nonetheless triumphs in its humble mission statement of creating a perfectly pleasant sunshine pop record

Penny For Your Thoughts // Luke Morgan Britton

Luke Morgan Britton takes trash on the net and your digital footprint

Klaxons – Love Frequency // Album Review

There's a sense of youthful exuberance when you think back to the blissfully naive times of new rave, exactly what makes Love Frequency such a colossal comedown

S. Carey – Range Of Light // Album Review

Range Of Light sees Carey once again conjure soundscapes in minds of the listeners like only his fellow Wisconsin native can.

Halls – Love To Give // Album Review

Seeming a thing of both steadied growth and continuing flux, the record sees Halls take great leaps in many respects.

Death Grips – Government Plates // Album Review

when the music, and all surrounding it, is this exhilarating and raw, it's impossible to care about anything else.

Nils Frahm – Spaces // Album Review

Erased Tapes: Frahm may have just conquered the previously redundant medium of the live album.

CFCF – Outside // Album Review

the record jumps from groove-laden synth-pop to ambient minimalism in heartbeat

Listen // CFCF – Music For Objects

You can now listen to the full Music for Objects EP by CFCF, coming out on Dummy Records right now and available to buy...

Interview // Alunageorge

Photo's by Sonny Malhotra The ascent of AlunaGeorge has always seemed the oft-told bedroom act cliche, but with a twist. While indeed spawned from...

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