Liam McNeilly


Lust For Youth // Live Review

Remaining in those shadows for the duration, the focus of attention is never on personalities nor sub-plots.

Bloc Party – Hymns // Album Review

When you look beyond the radio-ready songwriting of Bloc Party’s fifth album Hymns it’s evident that Kele Okereke is back on some kind of form

Trust Fund // Live Review

The anxiety and uncertainty pent up in Trust Fund's songs are transformed tonight in to an overriding sense of joy.

Bloc Party // Live Review

Each strand of their expanding catalogue is unified by a togetherness on stage that was clearly lacking before.

Portico // Live Review

Living Fields remains a gorgeous record for home listening, but the lack of intimacy in its performance make a record full of warmth feel more than a touch cold.

Chain Of Flowers – Chain Of Flowers // Album Review

It’s as if despair and anxiety were made to belong pent up in the very fabric of this record, but with wave after wave of sound, Chain Of Flowers give everything to blow it away

Willis Earl Beal – Noctunes // Album Review

Noctunes is intriguing enough in its off kilter lullabies to transport you through one listen if nothing more

Hooton Tennis Club – Highest Point In Cliff Town // Album...

None of that can take away from the undeniable wit of this band, and even in the most unremarkable phases of this record they display a knack for making their personality shine through.

Festival No. 6 // Live Review

Grace Jones has the dynamic and unique presence of this one-of-a-kind performer proving the most fitting final chapter imaginable to a stunning weekend.

The Garden Party // Live Review

The Garden Party's billing and atmosphere made it perfectly clear as to why the event has such a place in the hearts of Leeds natives

Festival No.6 // Preview

Liam McNeilly runs through his highlights of what promises to be another spectacular installment of Festival no. 6

Maribou State – Portraits // Album Review

Whilst Portraits may not be a particularly bold statement, it’s certainly a foundation for that exploration to build from

Howling // Live Review

In their quest to merge their two spheres you feel like Howling are still finding the perfect match.

Howling // Interview

Howling chat to us about working across oceans, dance music and their debut Sacred Ground ahead of their Oval Space show,

Ben Khan – 1000 // EP Review

This is carefully constructed, out-there pop, with Khan’s up front three-minute formula remaining undeniably on point within the realm of a four-track release.

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