Lee Wakefield


TTNG – Disappointment Island // Album Review

The dizzying knot of complex riffs and intricate time signatures remains, but Disappointment Island bristles with a playfulness not heard before

Citadel Festival // Live

A striking roster of live music, a lineup of mouthwatering variety, with many of the acts translating extremely well in the flesh.

sir Was – Says Hi // Album Review

As introductions go, it’s more hesitant handshake than warm embrace but that’s okay – against all the odds, sir Was’ indecision makes for some spectacular tunes

Yumi Zouma // Interview

Lee Wakefield sits down with the charming New Zealanders ahead of their new album, Yoncalla

Citadel // Playlist

We look at all the exciting things heading our way thanks to Citadel Festival

Frightened Rabbit – Painting of a Panic Attack // Album Review

Frightened Rabbit have forged a fresh identity and it’s anything but forgettable. Painting Of A Panic Attack is impossible to shake

The Range – Potential // Album Review

This is far more ambitious fare than The Range's last outing; lingering juggernauts with a battered heart at their core

Porches – Pool // Album Review

The confidence from Porches on Pool is striking in comparison to what has come before; if this meticulous process continues to result in brave, beguiling records such as this one, long may it continue

Martha // Live Review

The pace is so breakneck it’s difficult to gather your thoughts between tracks, Martha almost start a riot.

Trust Fund – Seems Unfair // Album Review

It seems fitting that the title track demonstrates the band’s rapidly developing sound, all meticulously arranged group harmonies and whirring guitars. Trust Fund still gets you, you’re just going to have to share him with a lot more fans.

Hot Chip // Live Review

If only other bands knew how to press buttons with as much conviction as Hot Chip, both literally and metaphorically.

LiStening Now // October 19th

New Music playlist with Mura Masa (Feat. Shura), Metz, Kaya, Chairlift, EMA, Deerhunter and more

LiStening Now // October 12th

Tracks of the week, a playlist of new music featuring Dev09's new track.

Youth Lagoon – Savage Hills Ballroom // Album Review

With each record, Trevor Powers grows, and Savage Hills Ballroom carries the whiff of an artist stripping his sound to its rawest form and starting over.

Bestival // Live Review

As we retreat from the arena and the heavens begin to open, we feel oddly defiant. Festival season is over. Long live Bestival.

LiStening Now // September 7th

Marz Leon
New Music playlist feat. Marz Leon, Girl Band, Empress Of, Day Wave, Yung, Kelela and more

Bestival // Preview

WE look at the highlights of the upcoming Bestival in the Isle of Wight

Mac DeMarco – Another One // Album Review

Mac DeMarco's fashioning something far more ambitious and it's going to a bit of fine tuning before he gets it right - in Another One, however, he's getting bloody close

Girl Band // Live Review

From sprawling seven-minute epics to searing eruptions of thirty-second vitriol, I’m headbanging all the way down the Northern Line.

Georgia – Georgia // Album Review

Georgia’s long player is a startlingly brilliant debut: organic, fiercely so, and bristling with swaggering arrogance.

White Reaper – White Reaper Does it Again // Album Review

Thankfully, like much on show here, White Reaper struggle to rein in their pop sentiments, meaning even the most vicious offcut remains joyfully infectious.

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