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Daphni – FABRICLIVE 93 // Album Review

A salivating prospect for any fan or fabric devotee.

Lost Village Festival // Preview

Billed as “an abandoned village lost in time” and buried deep in the Lincolnshire countryside, Lost Village is worthy of your attention.

Farr Festival // Preview

Farr Festival is one of the most essential dates on the festival calendar for anyone with a passing interest in electronic music.

Green Man Courtyard // Recommended

Take a look at all the exciting things Green Man have in store for their Kings Cross Courtyard.

Clark // Interview

Eight albums in, Clark tells us there's still plenty of fun to be had in creating his new record, Death Peak

Jacques Greene – Feel Infinite // Album Review

Greene’s ability to litter his tracks with insatiable grooves and warped vocal samples, primed for the club, while packaged like succinct pop smashes has always been a key part of his appeal

Allison Crutchfield // Interview

We chat to Allison Crutchfield about stepping out solo as she releases her debut album.

Sampha – Process // Album Review

For all his elegance and deft touches, no one has a firmer grip of 2017 than Sampha.

New Sounds of 2017 // Off Bloom

Off Bloom feature in our New Sounds of 2017 feature.

New Sounds of 2017 // Kaiydo

Kaiydo feature in our New Sounds of 2017 feature.

Jay Daniel – Broken Knowz // Album Review

Broken Knowz creeps up on the listener in a similar manner to Daniel himself: unassuming on the surface but brimming with masterful purpose upon closer inspection

Powell – Sport // Album Review

Powell has always strived to do something different and utterly confounding. In Sport, he’s surpassed that entirely - here’s an album that is truly special

Oasis Festival // Review

"At a time when our city’s nightlife appears under constant threat, we should take note of Oasis Festival."

patten – Ψ // Album Review

While nothing can compete with their live show, Ψ is an electrifying reminder of what patten can create

TTNG – Disappointment Island // Album Review

The dizzying knot of complex riffs and intricate time signatures remains, but Disappointment Island bristles with a playfulness not heard before

Citadel Festival // Live

A striking roster of live music, a lineup of mouthwatering variety, with many of the acts translating extremely well in the flesh.

sir Was – Says Hi // Album Review

As introductions go, it’s more hesitant handshake than warm embrace but that’s okay – against all the odds, sir Was’ indecision makes for some spectacular tunes

Yumi Zouma // Interview

Lee Wakefield sits down with the charming New Zealanders ahead of their new album, Yoncalla

Citadel // Playlist

We look at all the exciting things heading our way thanks to Citadel Festival

Frightened Rabbit – Painting of a Panic Attack // Album Review

Frightened Rabbit have forged a fresh identity and it’s anything but forgettable. Painting Of A Panic Attack is impossible to shake

The Range – Potential // Album Review

This is far more ambitious fare than The Range's last outing; lingering juggernauts with a battered heart at their core

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