Kevin Rankin


Soccer Mommy – Collection // Album Review

Collection marks the official beginning of a fruitful adventure for the young singer-songwriter.

Mt. Wolf – Aetherlight // Album Review

Throughout their trajectory one thing has been prevalent: their appetite to push their song-writing and sound to monumental heights.

Loyle Carner – Yesterday’s Gone // Album Review

Carner has that knack of telling everyday stories through a unique perspective, one that turns the ear and intrigues.

Touché Amoré – Stage Four // Album Review

Full access into the mind of a man trying to make sense of things after suffering the most personal of tragedies.

Keaton Henson – Kindly Now // Album Review

There are no happy, toe-tappers on here but you already knew that.

Field Mouse – Episodic // Album Review

Field Mouse are a band that sound comfortable in their own skin on their second record, fashioning a fervent indie-rock groove delivered with genuine sincerity that positions itself as an important piece of work in their early career.

Delorean – Muzik // Album Review

A constant invitation to close your eyes and tilt your head towards the sun...

The Joy Formidable // Live Review

The Joy Formidable produced a brilliant set, but got very little in return.

Mark Pritchard – Under The Sun // Album Review

Toeing the line between sparse, spacious sounds and forward thinking, futuristic tones.

Nothing – Tired Of Tomorrow // Album Review

Ultimately it’s dark and dense, but also inspiring and hopeful.

Femme – Debutante // Album Review

It’s a fun record to listen to, with some big choruses and a refreshing vocal delivery throughout.

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