Kelly Ronaldson


Self Esteem // New Sounds 2019

The ex Slow Club star set to rule 2019.

Alessia Cara – The Pains Of Growing // Album Review

Overall, the album makes excellent use of Cara's much-loved songwriting formula, blending captivating vocals with steady R&B rhythms...

Molly Burch – First Flower // Album Review

As she confronts her own battles against anxiety and imperfections with an empowering lyrical twist, the singer-songwriter's vocals take centre stage throughout the album...

Sacred Paws – Strike A Match // Album Review

It may lack a little diversity in sound, but it's a solid foundation for whatever happens next.

WSTR – Red, Green Or In Between // Album Review

Despite falling a little short in terms of musical originality, WSTR have done incredibly well with this debut, and 2017 looks to be a promising year for the band.

Tigercub – Abstract Figures in the Dark // Album Review

This new compilation of fuzzy noise-pop prove exactly what noise-rock trio Tigercub are capable of.

Beth Hart – Fire On The Floor // Album Review

In the most recent installment to her already vast discography, Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Beth Hart returns this month with Fire On The Floor, showcasing an array of emotions...

The Veils – Total Depravity // Album Review

More than twelve years on from the release of their debut, alternative indie outfit The Veils have returned with their fifth studio album, Total Depravity.

Boys Forever // Album Review

Boys Forever is a fascinating release that blends melancholic lyrics with a contradictory cheerfulness – certainly marking ‘one to watch’ in 2017.


an impressive compilation of smooth vocal work, laid-back rhythms and dreamy guitars.

White Denim – Stiff // Album Review

The back-to-basics attitude behind this record makes for an intriguing listen.

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