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Peggy Sue // In Short

Ahead of their sold out show at Hackney's Oslo, we caught up with the band's Katy, who seems to have mastered the ever-pertinent art of pun-based tribute act names

DENA // Interview

I know that I say things in a funny way, but I really meant everything totally seriously when I wrote it.

Hospitality – Trouble // Album Review

Charming, melodic and, yet, not at all bland; rarely has a band’s name correlated more fittingly with their musical output.

Mogwai – Rave Tapes // Album Review

as with 2011’s Hardcore Will Never Die…, it fails to break the sonic conventions that once marked them out as such a significant force in the world of post-rock.

Destroyer – Five Spanish Songs // EP Review

a few choice moments such as the crunchy guitar of ‘El Rito’ rescue an otherwise forgettable release.

Tove Lo // Rising 2014

Rising 2014: Tove Lo is on course to become the latest representative of what’s arguably the most important country in pop music today.

Jensen Sportag – Stealth of Days // Album Review

The pair have carved out a sort of accidental concept album - songs for post-Skins youth in all their late night, drug-taking, love-making glory

Sleigh Bells – Bitter Rivals // Album Review

In ‘Bitter Rivals’, they've unleashed something straddling the line between brilliantly compelling and practically unlistenable.

Interview // Summer Camp

Photo by Lucy Johnson
Photo: Lucy Johnson “Don’t eat me, I’m just a li’l burger!” Elizabeth Sankey squeals, her impression of an anthropomorphic sandwich as unexpected as the preceding...

Live Review // Japandroids

Dingwalls - 17th July Holy chafing ball-sweat, Japandroids. Perhaps you are misanthropic, sadistic pricks. Perhaps you've not heard of heat exhaustion. Perhaps you didn't plan for...

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