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Porridge Radio – Every Bad // Album Review

An album of extremes, Every Bad achieves the enviable feat of being hopeful and embittered, tangled and immaculate, and as classic sounding as it is relevant to 2020.

Richard Hawley – Further // Album Review

His unpretentious sentimentality is as strong as ever, despite tackling the weighty topics of ageing, loneliness, solitude (which he points out is not the same thing on ‘Not Lonely’), and time.

Black Midi // New Sounds 2019

With snarling vocals sitting somewhere between Mark E Smith and Joe Pasquale (yes, him), they already possess a uniqueness and self-assurance that’s envied by bands well beyond London.

Menace Beach – Black Rainbow Sound // Album Review

Don't be deceived by the opening post-punk guitar work, this album is synth-heavy and psych-laden...

DJ Koze – Knock Knock // Album Review

The gloriously off-kilter world of 2013's Amygdala is pressed into a more dancefloor-ready mould as Koze puts his hip hop and house roots back under the microscope.

Imarhan – Temet // Album Review

There's certainly a broader remit throughout and the songs promise a breathless live show, but; and perhaps it's a consequence of this, it's the quieter moments that standout.

Tim Darcy – Saturday Night // Album Review

A poetic pop record haunted by abstract and obtuse folk influences at every turn.

Tim Darcy – Saturday Night // Album Review

A poetic pop record haunted by abstract and obtuse folk influences at every turn.

Japandroids – Near To The Wild Heart Of Life // Album...

Japandroids have grown up, but it sounds like they ain't having half as much fun

Soft Hair – Soft Hair // Album Review

You won’t have heard too much like this, but then again, it sounds exactly as you’d expect a collaboration between Connan Mockasin and Sam Eastwood to sound

Cass McCombs – Mangy Love // Album Review

Sure, Mangy Love may sound effortless but, to coin a line from ‘Medusa's Outhouse’, “if it's so easy, you try”

M. Craft – Blood Moon // Album Review

Blood Moon is cinematic from start to finish too, though just like the desert in which it was recorded, if it’s variety you’re after, you might not find it here

Magic Potion – Pink Gum // Album Review

Just like the longest, laziest of summers, you’d be happy for Pink Gum to go on forever

Prince Rama – Xtreme Now // Album Review

Xtreme Now may sound utterly ridiculous, like a new age aerobic workout for the soul, but essentially it is a brilliant record

Pinkshinyultrablast – Grandfeathered // Album Review

Each track on Grandfeathered is coated with seismic amounts of reverb, making this nu-gaze with the grandest of pretentions

Leroy – Skläsh // Album Review

An album with all the crowd pleasers apparently taken out, you have to put in a bit of effort to get the rewards

Floating Points – Elaenia // Album Review

While you probably need to be a jazz aficionado to identity many of the influences churned up in Floating Points’ cogs, you don’t have to be to enjoy the end product.

Esther Joy Lane – Esther Joy Lane // EP Review

Esther Joy Lane’s music is sincere and effortless, and could be the next significant Oxford export

Shopping – Why Choose // Album Review

A break-neck, post-modern venture down the aisles of garage, surf and post punk, it sounds like a secretly recorded surf album by Devo.

Deradoorian – The Expanding Flower Planet // Album Review

The latest solo offering from Dirty Projector/Slasher Flick member Angel Deradoorian is an album of somnambulistic grooves

Vinyl Williams – Into // Album Review

Into, the second album from Vinyl Williams, sees this musical auteur guide us lysergically through an expansive, Grand Canyon of an album

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