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Helen Love – Smash Hits // Album Review

The best thing about Helen Love is that amidst the over-the-top chaos, there’s always a hint of irony – take them too seriously, and you’re simply missing the point

Witching Waves – Crystal Cafe // Album Review

As unchallenging as it is, there can never be enough good pop records in the world.

Savages – Adore Life // Album Review

Adore Life finds the glowing embers of Silence Yourself and stokes them with a confidence that sees the band roar into glorious life

They Might Be Giants – Why? // Album Review

They Might Be Giants might be the only band who can make music for both children and adults without sounding pathetically quaint

Hatcham Social – The Birthday Of The World

Dark, melodic and intelligent, The Birthday of the World is more intriguing than expected

Grubs – It Must Be Grubs // Album Review

It Must Be Grubs is informed by the louder aspects of indie pop, with a propensity for melody; the sound of someone about to let loose at any given moment

Drinks – Hermits On Holiday // Album Review

Wonderfully skewed, DRINKS forgo the drones and organ chants of White Fence in favour of something more akin to a Krautrock Arthur Lee and Nico, while never negating their renowned weirdness in the process

Mammoth Penguins – Hide And Seek // Album Reviews

Rejection, hope, despair and all the usual common grievances of being in your late twenties/early thirties are a persistent theme on Hide and Seek

The Catenary Wires – Red Red Skies // Album Review

Indie pop royalty Amelia Fletcher and Rob Pursey depart from their usual predilection for fuzzy 60s girl­group hooks on mini-album Red Red Skies and replace it with a more gentle, melancholy sound

The Lovely Eggs – This Is Our Nowhere // Album Review

Lancastrian duo The Lovely Eggs continue their predilection for accented, disorderly and melodic pop music... This Is Our Nowhere is to be appreciated as a collection of lyrically absurd, short and snappy punk songs

Milky Wimpshake – Encore, Un Effort! // Album Review

Still indebted to the unfailing euphony of C86, Encore, Un Effort! is smart, noisy and typically lyrically hilarious

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