Grant Bailey


Tanya Tagaq – Animism // Album Review

For all its difficult elements, or perhaps because of them, Animism is genuinely an adventure. An album unlike anything you'll hear all year

Noveller – Fantastic Planet // Album Review

There is a tangible sense of discovery to each track as intros unfold and familiar tessellations layer upon one another to create rich textures.

Gogol Bordello // Live Review

Within moments of taking to the stage the opening strains of 'We Rise Again' has the Roundhouse jumping as a unified mass.

Xcerts // Live Review

In a live environment the jump the band has made with their new material is even clearer than on record.

Mogwai – Music Industry 3. Fitness Industry 1. // EP Review

From the atmospheric into more alt territory, possessing one of the best vocal choruses the band have penned.

Gnarwolves // Live Review

By the closing chugs of 'Skate to Hell' the crowd is battered, bruised and beaming, the chants of ‘Gnarwolves Cru, Fuck You’ filling the venue long after the final note has rung out.

Death In Texas – Pause Between Breaths // Album Review

Listening to their music is akin to riding the bright side of a wave only to plunge into the shadow on the other side.

Ben Frost // Live Review

More than just a gig, Ben Frost’s set tonight is an auditory, physical experience; uncompromising and unforgettable.

Axes // Live Review

There is nary a beat dropped or note scuffed; a powerful set of fierce musical chops and straight up, undiluted fun.

The Xcerts – There Is Only You // Album Review

This is tight power-pop with the trio’s distinctive emotive edge; a dark, Scottish chill falling over polished, razor-sharp melodies

Four Tet // Live Review

It appears that everyone in Fabric knows that they’re involved in the best event happening in the capital tonight. Here’s to another 15 years

Balance and Composure // Live Review

this overwrought and passionate display is lacking the real bite and angst that B&C have successfully captured on record in the past.

DZ Deathrays // Live Review

a show equivalent to a shot of Jaeger and an elbow to the face; an inglorious burst of fast, dirty fuzz.

Axes – Glory // Album Review

if you’re looking for something fun, something colourful with a touch more euphoria than you’re regular math rock outfit, Glory will be as equally pleasing to your earholes.

Ibeyi // Live Review

Their sound is a patchwork of times, cultures and genres that come together in a potent mix that might rightly be called Doom Soul

This Will Destroy You – Another Language // Album Review

Another Language demonstrates TWDY’s craft honed to a point, delivering imaginative soundscapes ranging from plains of white noise to crashing peaks.

Fang Island // Live Review

while neither Fang Island nor Adebisi Shank really go off this evening, that doesn’t stop them threatening greatness.

Gnarwolves – Gnarwolves // Album Review

Gnarwolves have created an album that is both progressive and nostalgic, showing genuine respect for their genre and its heritage,

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