Grant Bailey


Fidlar – Too // Album Review

Too is a cathartic collision of skate-punk nihilism and pop melody; Suicidal Tendencies playing Pet Sounds on a mescaline bender

Girlpool // Live Review

Girlpool’s sound consists of a few simple components, executed so flawlessly that to add anything else would be to its detriment.

Haiku Salut // Live Review

The dynamism of the early set lost, and the constant, restless flicker of the lightshow becomes a distraction.

ArcTanGent // Live Review

ArcTanGent cements its reputation as one of the best alternative festivals in the country.

Kagoule – Urth // Album Review

This is sincere and deceptively direct alt; as charming as it is odd

Savages // Live Review

Seeing shadows contort on the bare walls as Thompson’s guitar wails in distortion is striking and uniquely chilling.

Prawn // Live Review

Direct everyman emo with a sun-kissed heart, and tonight it’s difficult not to get sucked into the swell of delay-drenched melodies and infectious choruses

Paradise Lost – The Plague Within // Album Review

But it’s not. Instead, it stands as one of Paradise Lost’s most creative and diverse albums.

Rolo Tomassi // Live Review

It is the sound of Rolo Tomassi’s evolving sound, and a declaration that the band’s best material may still be yet to come.

Woahnows – Understanding and Everything Else // Album Review

Woahnows' melodies are mainstream-baiting, the hooks relentlessly catchy, all without sacrificing the loose, chaotic and joyful tone at the heart of their earnest punk racket

We Are The City – Violent

Inventive soundscapes and tortured synths, crisp, minimalist instrumentation and Cayne Mckenzie’s distinctive vocal.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor // Live Review

Drums hammer, violins sear and guitars melt and forge riffs akin to molten steel.

Stearica – Fertile // Album Review

Formed of oddly-angular soundscapes with more sharp edges and arid plains than you might expect from the usual post rock fare.

Nadine Shah // Interview

For our April cover, Nadine Shah talks to Grant Bailey on what influenced her new album and how much things have changed.

Eschar – Nova // Album Review

Eschar have plotted a journey through the stars on a rocket made of riffs.

Vessels – Dilate // Album Review

The warmth of Vessels’ earlier guitar-heavy sound is gone, but on Dilate they remain as thoughtful and precise as ever

We Are The City // Interview

Grant Bailey talks to We Are The City about winning awards whilst making movies and films.

Dralms & We Are The City // Live Review

While there are moments of poignancy, Dralms too often run the line between the enchanting and the vapid.

Daughter // Live Review

A touching and unusual show from Daughters' Elena Tonra at Proud Galleries

Alright The Captain – Contact Fix // Album Review

Without sacrificing their virtuosity the trio have embraced a denser, more satisfying sound to corral the head bangers and well as the beat-counters.

Enter Shikari – The Mindsweep // Album Review

A compelling argument on why the brilliantly intelligent and hopeful new album from Enter Shikari is an essential listen.

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