Grant Bailey


Arctangent // Festival Review

Now in its fourth iteration, Arctangent Festival is quickly consolidating its status as a Mecca for fans of all things post-, math- and alt.

Tobacco – Sweatbox Dynasty // Album Review

Tobacco is back to melt your VHS tapes and morally corrupt your 80s nostalgia with another wave of heat-warped electro, Sweatbox Dynasty infested with glittering earworms

Badbadnotgood – IV // Album Review

The dusky romance of their previous releases might feel absent here, but what it lacks in noirish mystery it makes up for in their tastiest jams yet

Destruction Unit // Live

Their presence is a dangerous blend of confrontation and intrigue, their output dizzying in its sheer volume.

BadBadNotGood // Live

If tonight’s back-and-forth chatter is any indication, Toronto’s BadBadNotGood still can’t quite believe their luck.

Greys – Outer Heaven // Album Review

Like a sober FIDLAR emerging from a weekend bender into the crisp Toronto daylight, this latest iteration of Greys feels jubilant and grubby

White Lung // Live Review

A meeting of the bare-bones nihilism of post punk and dirt-speckled rock ‘n’ roll glamour that is White Lung’s own

A Giant Dog – Pile // Album Review

'Pile' is an exemplar of rock and roll remaining a relevant force in modern music.

Jakob // Live Review

It is a demonstration of Jakob at the peak of their powers; lofty scope, bristling escalation

Deafheaven // Live Review

The show has a feeling of cohesion, of self-containment, which is both satisfying and predictable.

The Body – No One Deserves Happiness // Album Review

No One Deserves Happiness; a melodramatic title belying so little of the genuine trauma of its contents that it’s laughable

Mass Gothic – Mass Gothic // Album Review

The melodic sensibilities will satisfy the indie casual, but for those willing to dig deeper an affecting, bipolar experience awaits

Alien Ant Farm // Live Review

Any show built on the structure of a full-album play through is going to inherit issues from the record release.

Savages // Live Review

When she climbs into the crowd for a mercilessly intimate ‘Hit Me’ the moment feels unreal in its intensity.

Lags – Pilot // Album Review

The “fuck the system!” attitude of Pilot is inherently satisfying, even if the sentiment feels twee when viewed through 2015’s apathetic eye.

Kagoule // Live Review

It’s clear that their relentless touring schedule is paying off with bigger, more enthusiastic crowds.

Radkey // Live Review

Mixed with the curb-stomp beats of garage rock and delivered with the enthusiasm and energy of a band in their youth, it’s a familiar yet vital display.

Hop Along // Live Review

Tonight’s set is consistently powerful, leaning on material from 2015’s exceptional Painted Shut.

La Luz // Live Review

Like a bizarro world Beach Boys, La Luz’s guitar-led slow jams are two parts surf, two parts R&B vocal harmony with a twist of gothic Americana.

USA Nails – No Pleasure // Album Review

Their uncompromising drive for gnarly sound is challenging but the album refuses to degenerate into ugliness.

Deafheaven – New Bermuda // Album Review

New Bermuda is a new noise securing its foundations in black and post metal, while pushing into unexpected territory. It’s a dynamic and surprising record.

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