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Arc Iris – Moon Saloon // Album Review

At times epic, at times uneasy, always thought-provoking and clever, you will find yourself returning to the Moon Saloon and you’ll feel like a better person when you come out

Shura – Nothing’s Real // Album Review

Nothing’s Real she says, but out of unreal early attention we find a very real artist indeed

Case/Lang/Veirs – Case/Lang/Veirs // Album Review

The trio, with Tucker Martine behind the desk, blend enchanting harmonies, bucolic themes and a fairytale hue to create this masterful full-length

Cate Le Bon – Crab Day // Album Review

From the opening jabs of its title track opener Cate Le Bon creates a hypnotic and mind-bending journey of an LP

Emmy The Great – Second Love // Album Review

It’s pretty near impossible not to fall for Emmy The Great and her wonderfully assured second LP

Sunflower Bean – Human Ceremony // Album Review

On Human Ceremony, Sunflower Bean have the perfect remedy for all those wintery indie heartaches

Kate Boy – ONE // Album Review

Guess what? Sweden’s making progressive, yet entirely infectious pop music. Nothing new then.

Emilie Nicolas – Like I’m A Warrior // Album Review

Marrying a sweet-as-honey vocal with intricate, James Blake-esque production and seductive themes, Like I'm A Warrior yanks on heartstrings, induces tears and clenches somehow all at once

Torres – Sprinter // Album Review

Aggressive, fist-clenching, serene, Torres has become a front-runner in her genre; what difficult second album?

Passion Pit – Kindred // Album Review

Passion Pit has morphed through a number of set-ups, but one thing has remained: the sonic ecstasy that pours out from their music

Death Cab For Cutie – Kintsugi // Album Review

Kintsugi is an emotional roller coaster proudly bearing its cracks for all to see

Ibeyi – Ibeyi // Album Review

Ibeyi is as assured a first outing as you can imagine; it's real, eye-opening, refreshing and there's no doubt the young twins are a force to be reckoned with

Rae Morris – Unguarded // Album Review

Rae Morris's debut full-length released after three years of work was well worth the wait

Aquilo // New Sounds

New Sounds 2015: The beautiful fragility has us hoping they'll rule the airwaves in 2015

Dems – Muscle Memory // Album Review

Stunning at times, Muscle Memory has definitely been worth the wait for fans of this under-rated outfit who join the growing rank of impressive British synth-led alt-poppers

Jessie Ware – Tough Love // Album Review

Cleansing herself from past demons before married life begins, get ready to fall in love with Jessie Ware all over again - there's absolutely nothing tough about it

SBTRKT – Wonder Where We Land // Album Review

While undoubtedly harder work than its predecessor, stick with Wonder Where We Land and you’ll get brilliantly lost in SBTRKT's wonderful world

FKA Twigs – LP1 // Album Review

Captivating to the point of obsession, LP1 breaks the enigma surrounding FKA Twigs in the most intriguing and beguilingly beautiful way possible

Woman’s Hour – Conversations // Album Review

Conversations encompasses painfully relatable human emotion, a record of utterly beguiling beauty

First Aid Kit – Stay Gold // Album Review

Another serene record from the wonderfully talented First Aid Kit, who are undoubtedly set to Stay Gold for many years to come

Sohn – Tremors // Album Review

Tremors is a collection of work that wrestles the listener into submission; as dark and powerful as it is passionate and beautiful

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