Gem Samways


Sohn // Interview

Gem Samways chats to Sohn about what's coming up for him in 2014 and why he's definitely one to keep an eye on.

Blood Orange – Cupid Deluxe // Album Review

The overall effect is of Alexa Chung’s Instagram feed mid-beach break: full of beautiful people and exotic flourishes, but ultimately smug and soulless.

Active Child // Live Review

active child
ridiculously sentimental, completely convincing. Turns out Active Child’s every bit as good live as he is on record: tell your friends.

Anna Calvi – One Breath // Album Review

Recorded in five weeks, as opposed to two and a half years, there’s a sense of spontaneity to Anna Calvi’s second LP that was lacking on her meticulously-crafted debut.

Ballet School // Interview

“I feel like the UK really needs a band. A pop band. Fabulousness. Accessibility.”

Review // Cloud Control – Dream Cave

Infectious Records - September 16th Ever been to the Blue Mountains? It’s where Cloud Control grew up, and where they wrote and recorded their Australian...

Review // Barbarossa – Bloodlines

Memphis Industries - 5th August The Weeknd and Frank Ocean have a lot to answer for. By making confessional R&B cool, they’ve liberated potentially hundreds...

Interview // Nadine Shah

Ruminating on adultery, mental illness and death with all the intensity of PJ Harvey or Anna Calvi, Nadine Shah’s gothic-tinged alt-folk shouldn’t really be...

Live Review // Beck

Union Chapel - 7/7/13“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today…” So begins Beck’s sermon before the select few fortunate enough to snag tickets to...

Live Review // Suuns

Sebright Arms - 1/7/13It’s Canada Day and the good folk at the Sebright Arms have had the foresight to mark the occasion by booking...

Review // M O N E Y – The Waiting Room

The Waiting Room - 13th June When probed about his ambitions for MONEY, front man Jamie Lee said this: “Our aim with this band –...

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