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Metronomy – Metronomy Forever // Album Review

Designed to evoke a radio-like listening experience, the album offers a constantly shifting carousel of styles, often interspersed with interludes. In less experienced hands, such a format could feel disjointed, but in Mount’s it’s immersive.

((( O ))) // Interview

“The mission statement for The Sundrop Garden is to change the way that we create everything.”

Holly Herndon // Interview

"Somebody has to take a risk and come up with something new in order for music to progress, otherwise we’re stuck in the now forever."

Obongjayar // New Sounds

We’ve absolutely no idea what will follow next but we’re very happy to be kept guessing.

Stealing Sheep – Big Wows // Album Review

Be it ‘Show Love’’s digital dopamine rush, the cosmic tropicalia of ‘Girl’ or the raygun funk of ‘Back In Time’, Big Wows is full to the brim with bold, experimental pop music.

Celeste // New Sounds

Credit it to technical ability or to emotional maturity, but there aren’t many emerging artists who can inhabit a song quite like Waite.

Sasami // New Sounds's an immersive, sensitively-arranged set that will prove once for all that Sasami is more than capable of entrancing listeners as the headline act.

Slowthai // New Sounds 2019

We chat to slowthai about his plans for what is going to be an incredible 2019

Fauness // New Sounds

We've seen her sound described as "electronic fairy rock music", and it's actually a pretty decent descriptor.

Empress Of // Interview

"I've been learning how to say what I really mean - weed out the bullshit..."

Black Midi // New Sounds

Despite being reticent to conduct interviews, post on social media or even share their music online, Black Midi are one of the most talked-about new bands of 2018.

Viagra Boys // New Sounds

Musically, imagine a thrilling composite of The Dead Kennedys, Fucked Up and The Birthday Party, all buzzsaw guitars, gravelly vocals and arid, low-slung grooves, with a healthy side-helping of wild-eyed menace.

Tirzah // Interview

"Just a bunch of love songs; a whole heap of thoughts and feelings."

Bakar // New Sounds

And as May's mixtape, BADKID, continues to win over everyone exposed to it, significant success seems within very easy reach.

MorMor // New Sounds

Much like the work of Rex Orange County - with whom he shares management - Nyquist's songs are the ideal soundtrack to balmy summer days, making the recent release of his debut EP ideally-time

Lily Allen – No Shame // Album Review

By contrast, No Shame finds the singer-songwriter abandoning that distracting slickness, and exploring personal traumas to create her strongest set since Alright, Still.

slowthai // New Sounds

Though his stage name was inspired by a former proclivity to mumble, the Northampton MC spits with a quietly-seething aggression redolent of his early-hero Eminem.

Gruff Rhys // Interview

" I wake up at three in the morning worrying about Mel Gibson and his mental state..."

Sudan Archives // New Sounds

Fated or not, there's no denying Parks' artistic vision is exceptional, and that it elicits sublime results.

Beach House – 7 // Album Review

A paranoid darkness seeps into the set, capturing what the band term "the societal insanity of 2016-17".

Josh T. Pearson – The Straight Hits! // Album Review

Essentially, he's the last musician you'd go to for light relief, and yet this new record was designed to "make people happy and spread peace."

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