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Celeste // New Sounds

Credit it to technical ability or to emotional maturity, but there aren’t many emerging artists who can inhabit a song quite like Waite.

Sasami // New Sounds's an immersive, sensitively-arranged set that will prove once for all that Sasami is more than capable of entrancing listeners as the headline act.

Slowthai // New Sounds 2019

We chat to slowthai about his plans for what is going to be an incredible 2019

Fauness // New Sounds

We've seen her sound described as "electronic fairy rock music", and it's actually a pretty decent descriptor.

Empress Of // Interview

"I've been learning how to say what I really mean - weed out the bullshit..."

Black Midi // New Sounds

Despite being reticent to conduct interviews, post on social media or even share their music online, Black Midi are one of the most talked-about new bands of 2018.

Viagra Boys // New Sounds

Musically, imagine a thrilling composite of The Dead Kennedys, Fucked Up and The Birthday Party, all buzzsaw guitars, gravelly vocals and arid, low-slung grooves, with a healthy side-helping of wild-eyed menace.

Tirzah // Interview

"Just a bunch of love songs; a whole heap of thoughts and feelings."

Bakar // New Sounds

And as May's mixtape, BADKID, continues to win over everyone exposed to it, significant success seems within very easy reach.

MorMor // New Sounds

Much like the work of Rex Orange County - with whom he shares management - Nyquist's songs are the ideal soundtrack to balmy summer days, making the recent release of his debut EP ideally-time

Lily Allen – No Shame // Album Review

By contrast, No Shame finds the singer-songwriter abandoning that distracting slickness, and exploring personal traumas to create her strongest set since Alright, Still.

slowthai // New Sounds

Though his stage name was inspired by a former proclivity to mumble, the Northampton MC spits with a quietly-seething aggression redolent of his early-hero Eminem.

Gruff Rhys // Interview

" I wake up at three in the morning worrying about Mel Gibson and his mental state..."

Sudan Archives // New Sounds

Fated or not, there's no denying Parks' artistic vision is exceptional, and that it elicits sublime results.

Beach House – 7 // Album Review

A paranoid darkness seeps into the set, capturing what the band term "the societal insanity of 2016-17".

Josh T. Pearson – The Straight Hits! // Album Review

Essentially, he's the last musician you'd go to for light relief, and yet this new record was designed to "make people happy and spread peace."

Biig Piig // New Sounds

Just a fistful of tracks into her career, her talent stands out, not least because it’s not often you find Ireland's answer to Erykah Badu living above a pub in West London.

Young Fathers – Cocoa Sugar // Album Review

Three years on, Alloysious Massaquoi, Graham 'G' Hastings and Kayus Bankole are clearly no keener to convert casual listeners by making concessions to their art.

Chrystal // New Sounds

If you're labouring under the misapprehension that all the UK's best rap and R&B originates from the South, it's time for a long overdue reality check.

Wild Beasts – Last Night All My Dreams Came True //...

Danny Wright brings Gemma Samways and Lee Wakefield together to discuss the farewell of a beloved band.

Lanark Artefax // New Sounds

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this 23-year-old, Glasgow-based producer cites Aphex Twin, Autechre and Mike Paradinas of Planet Mu as influential figures.

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