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The Finks – Middling // Album Review

Middling is the undoubted sound of suburban reflection, pondering relationships and our place in the world.

Jen Cloher // In Five

You already know Jen Cloher. You might not know it, but you do.

The Bands Branching Out Into Soundtracks // A Study

Gareth Ware takes a look The Bands Branching Out To Soundtracks

Alex Lahey – B-Grade University // EP Review

"It might be too early to properly crown Lahey as the next great Aussie export hope, but on this evidence she's certainly not doing her case any harm."

Continental Drift // EP Review

"Continental Drift offers a collection of songs to make your heart soar and your feet move, like all the best pop music should"

Courtney Barnett // Live

The palatial grounds of Somerset House rise to the occasion for the pairing of two conversational songwriters with a strong sense of place...

The Blunder Down Under: Australia’s Music Funding Crisis

Gareth Ware goes in on Australia's music funding crisis...

Loose Tooth – Saturn Returns // EP Review

a band buoyed by the possibilities ahead of them and assuredly confident with what they've already discovered.

The Goon Sax – Up To Anything // Album Review

a record which is both mightily accomplished and manages to effortlessly navigate the naiveties and pitfalls of youth.

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – Talk Tight // Album Review

Talk Tight fizzes with the urgency and confidence of a band more than ready to step up to the plate.

Milk! Records – Good For You // Album Review

Less the brilliant compilation it undoubtedly is, it instead feels like a signpost to the open-door clubhouse of one of the most talented crowds around.

The Story of Sarah Records // Feature

A huge Q&A detailing the life of Sarah Records, as told by it's founders, with added history by Gareth Ware

Saintseneca // Interview

Gareth Ware talks to Zac Little of Saintseneca about coming to the UK for the first time and their latest album Such Things.

The Spook School // Interview

Gareth Ware has an indepth chat with The Spook School ahead of their album Launch show at DIY Space for London

Sweet Baboo // Interview

Sweet Baboo chats to Gareth Ware on his influences, making his new album and hopes for the future.

Field Music // Interview

Gareth Ware catches up with Field Music to talk soundtracks and instrumental albums

Simon Love // Interview

Gareth Ware catches up with Fortuna Pop's Simon Love on the release of his first solo album

Melbourne: City On The Rise // Listen

an in depth look at the Melbourne music scene through the words of its most prominent characters

Mammoth Penguins // Interview

Mammoth Penguins talk Hide and Seek, writing their new album and working together as a team.

Bully // Interview

Having just released their debut album Feels Like, Gareth Ware chats to Bully's Alicia Bognanno

Kid Wave // Interview

Gareth Ware talks Lea Emmery of Kid Wave about their debut Wonderlust ahead of their first headline tour.

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