Francesca Baker


Poliça // Live Review

"It’s rich, expansive pop that feels an exciting place to be" - Poliça live at Village Underground earlier this week.

Angel Olsen – All Mirrors // Album Review

"On her fourth full-length album All Mirrors Angel Olsen seems to take a more pared-back approach" - Francesca Baker reviews Angel Olsen's new record.

Bibio // Interview

We caught up with singer-songwriter Bibio to find out more about the making of his new album, Ribbons, an acoustic tour through a myriad of influences from psychedelia to ambient, to electronic, soul and more. So sit tight, buckle up and read on...

Squirrel Flower – Contact Sports // Review

Read our review of Squirrel Flower's latest vinyl release, Contact Sports.

By The Sea Festival // Review

Less a festival, more a gig that’s burst its seams, By The Sea is this seaside town’s attempt at celebrating the music scene, both local and international.

Dearly Beloved – Admission // Album Review

Drenched in restless reverb, the ten track album is restless, lawless and elevating.

Lou Rhodes // Live

It felt fitting. No glamour, no posing, but a sense of wonder. Yes.

Fiction Records Party // Live Review

Fiction Records proved at this party that they have the eye for talent, variety and killer tunes

Quilt – Plaza // Album Review

Threadbare but buoyant, there’s a feeling of happenstance in Plaza's felicity and sentiment, a quelled sense of exploration as the day rolls by and the road opens up

Chorusgirl – Chorusgirl // Album Review

Sparkling with bright rhythms and jangling pop, Chorusgirl provide the easy entertainment that those original dancing ladies did, but with hints of something shadier, bittersweet and more potent

Cheatahs – Mythologies // Album Review

The sound of sketchy back-alleys still underpins the traversing vibe - this is just further along the journey. And it’s a hell of a ride.

Julia Holter – Have You In My Wilderness // Album Review

Lustrous like the shimmer of rain drops on steel, it’s an album where vulnerability and strength traverse hand in hand.

Infinity Girl – Harm // Album Review

With clattering fuzz and distortion throughout, grazed and anxiety-wrought shapes, and an expansive and propulsive air, Harm is an intense and emotive piece of work

Breakfast In Fur – Flyaway Garden // Album Review

In its exploration of the place between agitated commotion and blissed-out contentment, Flyaway Garden makes the blurry middle sound like a damn fine place to be

Bushstock // Preview

Find out what we're excited for at this years Bushstock festival

Bernard + Edith – Jem // Album Review

Embellished with delicate sonics, the tunes expand and morph into songs almost spectral and ethereal, drenched in power and experimentalism. The sound is startling and effect beguiling

Peter Broderick – Colours Of The Night // Album Review

Colours Of The Night blurs Broderick's passion for story-telling folk music, orchestra strings and intricacies, stratospheric film soundtracks, and pulsing hip-hop. Oh, and it's beautiful.

I’m From Barcelona – Growing Up Is For Trees // Album...

Growing Up Is For Trees is a testament to living in the moment, packed full of instant thrills and shimmering melodies

Krill – Lucky Leaves // Album Review

Collecting disorientating and obscure quirk rock tunes, Lucky Leaves is a deviant and oddball album, and so much the better for it

Girlpool // New Sounds

Sounds of 2015: Girlpool make the most awesome racket, we cant wait to see what's in store for their 2015.

The Bots – Pink Palms // Album Review

A frantic fuzz pot of a debut, Pink Palms is the sound of two kids growing through music and packs a powerful punch

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