Fabiana Giovanetti


Ásgeir // Interview

When talking to Ásgeir you he gives the impression of being everything but the worldwide acclaimed ‘next big thing’ from Scandinavia.

Khushi // Live Review

There is a new East London kid on the block, and he goes by the name of K H U S H I

Joanna Gruesome & September Girls // Live Review

Gritty noise, cheeky garage, and fuzzy dream pop all came together in one night when September Girls and Joanna Gruesome stepped on stage

Glitches & Femme // Live Review

Synths, big beats and bubblegum-pop clash at Birthdays tonight as Glitches and Femme hit the stage.

Elliphant // Live Review

she asks you to dance, put your hands in the air, and inexplicably you end up improvising sing-alongs regardless of your knowledge of the song in the first place

Rosie Lowe – The Right Thing // EP Review

‘The Right Thing’ is an experiment of exquisite rhythm vivisectionist, with the music standing out in all of its awe.

Anna Von Hausswolff // Live Review

Anna is the absolute protagonist, her vocal pattern raising serious goosebumps. A soft voice, seeming to be barely impelled by breath, at the same time, sharp and dramatic

Kirin J Callinan // Live Review

Kirin J. Callinan is surrealism 2.0., if you will? An impeccable blend of introspection and diversion

Zola Jesus // Live Review

Taking her through this journey, JG Thirlwell and a string quartet, playing on a bare stage, making the most of the cosy and intimate setting.

CocoRosie // Live Review

There is something somewhat disturbing and deliciously fascinating in the way CocoRosie’s music taps right into people’s heads.

Review // Chelsea Wolf – Pain is Beauty

Sargent House - September 2nd Co-produced by Wolfe herself and bandmate Ben Chisholm, 'Pain is Beauty' explores how "ancestry (and) the mythology, landscapes and traditions...

Review // Zola Jesus – Versions

Sacred Bones - August 19th Back in 2009, a twenty year old Nika Roza Danilova released a dark, macabrely spellbinding debut album, ‘The Spoils’, under...

Live Review // Public Service Broadcasting

The Lexington - 17th July It's neither electronic nor ambient: London duo Public Service Broadcasting have an incredible skill in making their music highly emotional...

Review // David Lynch – The Big Dream

Sunday Best - 15/7/13 “Who killed Laura Palmer?” If you’ve asked this question at least once, you’re probably a David Lynch fan. Twin Peaks wasn’t...

Review // Ethan Johns – If Not Now Then When?

Three Crows Music - 4th February  As a producer, Ethan Johns took under his wings, the likes of  Laura Marling, Ryan Adams and the Vaccines....

Live Review // Trophy Wife

Birthdays - 13/6/13 A few weeks ago, Oxford-based Trophy Wife announced: “we're going to be turning our attention to making some new music after this,...

Review // Anna von Hausswolff – Ceremony

City Slang // June 17th Understandably, with the relentless rate of great artists appearing through the scene, everyone falls over themselves for Swedish electronic music....

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