Danny Wright


Jenny Hval // Interview

Danny Wright sits down with the fascinating Jenny Hval ahead of her new album, Blood Bitch

Factory Floor – 25 25 // Album Review

Born out of a desire to capture the raw energy of their live shows, 25 25's songs spark and nag and needle away, making your body jam involuntarily and your head throb

Metronomy // Interview

As Metronomy release their latest album Summer 08, Danny Wright catches up with frontman Joe Mount to talk about how far the band has come

Beck // Live

They want him to take them somewhere else, and he delivers; we are getting the hits tonight.

Whitney // Interview

Danny Wright catches up with the Chicago duo over a game of antifascist football in East London

Brian Wilson // Live Review

A history and musical brilliance and a thousand hearts melting all at once.

Gold Panda // Interview

Danny Wright sits down with Gold Panda to talk Japan, and his new album Good Luck And Do Your Best

Ought // Live Review

Tonight’s set sees plenty of tease and tension, through to ragged absolution

Suuns – Hold/Still // Album Review

Suuns’ sonic journey over three albums is an intriguing one: a fascinating story of dissolving sounds and erosion

Iggy Pop – Post Pop Depression // Album Review

Final album or not, Iggy Pop certainly hasn’t lost the knack of delivering a brilliantly savage missive

Animal Collective // Interview

Danny Wright catches up with the Baltimore trio ahead of their masterpiece of a new album, Painting With

Joanna Newsom – Divers // Album Review

Divers is a record which highlights a wildly creative imagination, provides deft musical touches and deals in dense symbolism and references

Autre Ne Veut – Age Of Transparency // Album Review

Angelic gospel choirs, joyous handclaps, sermon-like falsetto – Autre Ne Veut's latest feels transcendental rather than emptily transparent

Girl Band – Holding Hands With Jamie

This isn’t an easy listen. But what Girl Band have made is the bold and ambitious statement of a band capable of anything. Inventive, ferocious, relentless. If you’ve been looking for An Important Band in your life, they are it.

LA Priest – Inji // Album Review

Inji is a strange but beautiful beast, a glowing journey into a space, bizarre landscape, showing off an eccentric and inventive mind - one seemingly brimming with out-of-the-ordinary ideas

Waxahatchee – Ivy Tripp // Album Review

With Ivy Tripp, Waxahatchee’s Katie Crutchfield has found herself through the songs and by the end of the record you feel like you know her like a best friend too

Panda Bear // Interview

Danny Wright talks to our February cover star Panda Bear to find out all about his new album and creative process.

Panda Bear – Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper // Album...

Armed only with some instruments and a bucketful of reverb, Panda Bear fends off the reaper with a collection of angelic, echoing songs. The death (of blissful electronic music) has been averted again.

Tei Shi // New Sounds

Sounds of 2015: Danny Wright chats about how brilliant and exciting Tei Shi is, and how 2015 is gonna be awesome for her.

Deptford Goth – Songs // Album Review

While Songs perhaps lacks the fluency of Deptford Goth's debut, it makes up for it in heart and joy

Charli XCX // Live Review

an hour and a half of spiky attitude-filled, non-stop pop hits. And tonight there’s no let up: it’s a perfect showcase for Charli’s perfect pop.

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