Danny Wright


Liars // Live Review

A wild bride taking us on a masterful but manic tour through the band’s greatest hits.

St. Vincent // Live Review

What do we think we deserve from a gig? You pay your money and what can you expect in return?

Wolf Parade // Interview

It's taken six years but Wolf Parade are finally having fun again.

Danny Wright // Penny For Your Thoughts

The bands that captured our youth are reminding us we’re getting old, in this month's Penny...

Grizzly Bear – Painted Ruins // Album Review

Painted Ruins sees the band at their most adventurous and sonically diverse with its shifts, stylistic breaks and layered electronic flourishes.

Waxahatchee // Interview

As she carries on her stunning run with Out In The Storm, the phenomenal Waxahatchee discusses how she channeled a poisonous relationship and created something remarkable.

Arcade Fire // Live Review

The Canadian heavyweights nearly blow the roof off at their joyful 4th July live show.

Setting controls for the heart of the sun – 10 years...

Danny Wright looks back on an incredible 10 years of LCD Soundsystem's 'All My Friends'

Future Islands – The Far Field // Album Review

This is pop music filtered through a shimmering, melancholic gauze.

Grandaddy // Interview

Ahead of the eagerly anticipated Last Place, Jason Lytle discusses going back to Grandaddy school.

Tim Darcy // Interview

"We’re at an inhuman moment - there’s a total lack of compassion and greed and power dominate."

Beetlebum // 20 Years On

Danny Wright looks back on Blur's Beetlebum 20 years later

Pavo Pavo – Young Narrator In The Breakers // Album Review

Young Narrator In The Breakers floats by gorgeously - and it’s that deftness in the songwriting that helps the album be more than a mere amalgamation of its influences

Simple Things // Festival Review

A brilliantly surreal and diverse line up, a mash up of indie, hip-hop and electronica, with all the jagged pieces somehow fitting together.

Jenny Hval // Interview

Danny Wright sits down with the fascinating Jenny Hval ahead of her new album, Blood Bitch

Factory Floor – 25 25 // Album Review

Born out of a desire to capture the raw energy of their live shows, 25 25's songs spark and nag and needle away, making your body jam involuntarily and your head throb

Metronomy // Interview

As Metronomy release their latest album Summer 08, Danny Wright catches up with frontman Joe Mount to talk about how far the band has come

Beck // Live

They want him to take them somewhere else, and he delivers; we are getting the hits tonight.

Whitney // Interview

Danny Wright catches up with the Chicago duo over a game of antifascist football in East London

Brian Wilson // Live Review

A history and musical brilliance and a thousand hearts melting all at once.

Gold Panda // Interview

Danny Wright sits down with Gold Panda to talk Japan, and his new album Good Luck And Do Your Best

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