Chris Taylor


Wild Beasts // Live Review

It’s an emotional farewell, but it’s one that reminds you of the power of Wild Beasts.

Martha // Live Review

Politically charged, with dry wit in spades, Martha are the quintessential Fortuna Pop band.

Toothless – The Pace of the Passing // Album Review

It’s all too easy to make some pun surrounding Nash's chosen name for the project, but the truth is The Pace of the Passing doesn’t do enough to truly sink its teeth into you.

Sløtface – Empire Records // EP Review

Snarling with angst yet sparkling with youthful exuberance.

Junun // Live Review

On the day that many were trying to grab Radiohead tickets for their tour next year, guitarist Jonny Greenwood was bringing his side project Junun to the Troxy.

Never Enough – Public Access TV // Album Review

The New York foursome have the energy inside them, it’s clear. They just need to let it loose.

Doe – Some Things Last Longer Than You // Album Review

It’s crystal clear that Doe are not messing about.

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