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Porches – Ricky Music // Album Review

'Rangerover', Maine's collaboration with Dev Hynes, is by far the highlight: a skulking, rich synth-pop ballad that encapsulates feeling both sorrowful and hopeful post-breakup.

Little Dragon – New Me, Same Us // Album Review

On New Me, Same Us, the group pull in more acoustic instrumentation, without abandoning their intoxicating brand of alternative club-ready music.

Katie Gately // Interview

"I feel like music tells me what I’m feeling before I know how I’m feeling."

TSHA // New Sounds 2020

Anyone looking to stave off more political gloom for 2020 need look no further than TSHA’s melodic, escapist electronic music.

Desert Sound Colony // New Sounds 2020

Celebrated sets at Berghain and his old teenage haunt, Fabric in 2019, foretell exciting things ahead.

Sudan Archives // Interview

"The key message is that you have to embrace the light and the darkness within you. It’s how it is with superheroes, goddesses, influential people."

Big Thief – Two Hands // Album Review

If their last record, the dreamy, crepuscular U.F.O.F., isn’t already primed for your end-of-year list, then its decidedly earthier companion, Two Hands will surely take its place.

G-Flip – About Us // Album Review

The Australian—deep breath—drum teacher-turned-multi-instrumentalist-bedroom producer has since released a host of brilliantly zestful singles.

Marika Hackman – Any Human Friend // Album Review

Any Human Friend is a thick quilt of refreshingly varied sounds knotted by tumultuous turns of love, lust and fragility. Keep subverting, Marika.

Hatchie – Keepsake // Album Review

On Keepsake, the Brisbane artist retains the twinkling tones of her near-faultless Sugar & Spice EP but at points quarries deeper for trudging beats and lurching guitars.

Lydia Ainsworth – Phantom Forest // Album Review

Phantom Forest is her most sonically taut yet – one for listeners seeking evened plains – a concept record about humanity’s disregard for nature that’s set to a crisp, synth-pop soundtrack.

Sigrid – Sucker Punch // Album Review

There’s risk of not delivering when the time comes – but Sigrid's outdone herself.

Hockeysmith – Tears At My Age // EP Review

Now, with Annie Hockeysmith continuing without guitarist Georgie, she’s produced an EP that keeps experimentation alive but introduces flushes of pop.

DAWN // Interview

"I realised that that woman was someone I was never going to be: someone who I wasn’t raised to be..."

Hockeysmith // Interview

When Hockeysmith first came to our attention five years ago it was the project of two sisters making dark, experimental music in a caravan. But things went quiet after the release of their superb But Blood EP in 2014. We catch up with Annie Hockeysmith, who released Tears At My Age EP at the end of last month, to find out what happened – and what’s next.

Maggie Rogers – Heard It In A Past Life // Album...

Rogers has since welded rootsy sounds with propulsive electronics. The result is a debut album that's unmistakably pop but crafted using creative, natural sound...

Sharon Van Etten – Remind Me Tomorrow // Album Review

Remind Me Tomorrow is a diverse collection of muscular songs that traverse nostalgia, depression, love, motherhood, and more with new-found confidence.

Nao – Saturn // Album Review

On Saturn, the east Londoner retains the hallmarks of her soulful 'wonky funk' but propels new sounds into orbit.

Helena Deland – From The Series Of Songs ‘Altogether Unaccompanied’ Vol....

The final installment of the Montréal artist's Altogether Unaccompanied series is not so much a significant step up from Vol. I & Vol. II than it is a continuation of Deland's intricate, intimate songwriting.

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