Caitlin Clark


Greentea Peng – Rising // EP Review

There are sexy saxophones slithering in and out of ‘Mr Sun’, nods to hazy summertime afternoons with friends and an air of sophistication wrapped around the EP that’s extremely promising for such a new face on the scene.

Ezra Furman – Twelve Nudes // Album Review

There are moments of reflectivity, in the short and intense hangovers like ‘I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend’ that languish in surf-rock guitars, but very authentically, this is an album for losing your shit to.

Africa Express – EGOLI // Album Review’s jam-packed, fizzing over with the electricity of South Africa in ‘City in Lights’, languishing in the sunshine of ‘Where Will This Lead Us To?’ and fighting revolutions in ‘Africa To The World’.

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