Amy Maxwell


The Pretty Reckless // Live Review

The Pretty Reckless embody the fact that they’re a little odd and really who’s going to shun them for that?

Brawlers – I Am a Worthless Piece of Shit // EP...

debut EP I Am A Worthless Piece Of Shit is just what we need to shake up the mass of social media lemmings.

Radkey // Live Review

If Radkey keep it up they could be the ones to re-invent a new breed of punk-rock noise or, better still, awaken a disorderly rabble of individuals

Girls Allowed: Women In Contemporary Music // In Short

East London Fawcett (ELF) hosted an event at Shoreditch House to discuss the inequality women face in the music industry.

Blood Orange // Live Review

They really are a spectacle to be marveled at. But for God’s sake, dance a little, or be prepared to feel the wrath of Hynes.

Kyla La Grange // Live Review

Returning from her one year hibernation, Kyla La Grange is back at the Hoxton Bar & Kitchen to give us a taste of her new album ‘Cut Your Teeth’, due out in May.

Dum Dum Girls // Live Review

"in this instance you can’t blame them, because the Dum Dum Girls are indeed, seriously freaking cool"

Haim // Live Review

The ringleaders of the girl band revolution are three Californian sisters’ called Haim.

Peace // Live Review

Elevated sounds of slick unrivaled cool, that only reinforce the fact that Peace aren’t just another fad band, they’re here to stay for the long run.

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