Asian Dub Foundation – More Signal More Noise // Album Review

94671ADF Communications – out now

ADF’s latest bid to bottle their incendiary live energy finds electro-dub maestro Adrian Sherwood at the controls and the righteous ire still burning. The reworked ‘Flyover’, for instance, peppers urgent (concrete) jungle with a claustrophobic capital vision that’s like a pavement exploding under Lily Allen’s ‘LDN’. Though the occasional rallying cry (‘Stand Up’) is dated by agit-skank circa the band’s nineties inception, and ‘Radio Bubblegum’ is trumped by its dub version – forged on Dr Das’ platinum bass and ex-boxer Nathan Lee’s float-like-a-butterfly flute – ADF’s ace remains their fusion of bhangra, ragas and Eastern percussion to punky dancehall and drum’n’bass. ‘The Signal And The Noise’ and ‘Get Lost Bashir’ (sampling a murdered Syrian poet) are thrilling affirmations that, as the album’s opener attests, “a Zigzag Nation is better than straight lines”.

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Live: Electric Brixton – September 4th