!!! – As If // Album Review

96394Warp – out now

Over five previous albums, !!! strode between the crusty rave and funky house club, fuelled by earthy melodic basslines and after-hours beats. There’s more on-trend conformity to As If: more breathless soprano, glistening synth, pop choruses and an ugly smear of auto-tune. The US band’s latest wears the scent of the European dance scene, from Daft Punk’s lacquered funk to Disclosure’s pumped-up r‘n’b, while ‘Ooo’ sounds like high-fat Hot Chip, and ‘Every Little Bit Counts’ actually recalls Klaxons. But !!! haven’t wholly abandoned the abandon: the way the bass wrests control of ‘Freedom! 15’s scuzzy disco, and the phased plunge to tease back the baggy beat on the catchy ‘Till The Money Runs Out’, are moments of enormity on this unexpectedly glossy but reassuringly danceable sixth release.

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