Ahead of releasing her debut EP tomorrow, Arexibo shares five of her favourite artists from Seoul. 

Arexibo is something of a creative powerhouse within Seoul’s electronic music scene, forming part of all-female DJ collective BAZOOKAPO Seoul as well as being a multimedia artist. Building on her already inimitable and well-established artistic identity and vision, 카운터! (Counter!) sees Arexibo, the moniker of Soma Kim, fully come into her own as a producer. Across the tracks Kim crafts sparse crystalline and glacial terrains alongside trance-inducing, frenetic intensity, and warped, melodic ambiance.

Delving into the world of 카운터! (Counter!) feels like entering a liminal space, finding yourself enshrouded in an all-encompassing mist imbued with an eerie incandescence that often delves into nightmarish realms, interspersed with fleeting moments of blissful, ambient transcendence. This very visual, tangible essence at the core of the EP is fuelled by Kim’s supreme ability to fabricate varying visceral textures within her music.

Speaking on the title of the release and the relation to her work, Arexibo explains “’Counter’ is a word that presupposes a pair, and it also implies a balance of power. When a force of similar size pulls each other in opposite directions, the two are temporarily placed at a standstill. My attitude of producing and creating is no different from this balancing act.”

Get to know Arexibo In Five…

Hyejin Shin – fb-rtv

Hyejin Shin’s elaborately designed sounds are very refreshing every time when I listen. The clearness of what she makes inside of complexity keeps me exploring with it.

Yeong Die – Mary Rid(Reloaded)

Yeong Die’s new release <Threshold Value> is filled with unexpected sound compared to her last release. I fell in love with her shift to this.

Joyul – Rabbit Gate

Joyul’s sounds are like a scratch that you don’t know when it happened. Softly came and kept hovering.


It was very impressive that KISEWA found her own sound in the genre of Industrial Noise. She stepped up with this explosive noise texture.

Haepaary – 소무•독경 (Live)

Just incredible. Also stunning. Haepaary is the game-changer of Korean Music.

카운터! (Counter!) is out tomorrow (October 2nd) on CHINABOT. Pre-order here.

Photo credit: Dasom Han