Everything Now/Sony

It would be fair to say that Arcade Fire have perhaps taken themselves a bit too seriously in the past. To those who were put off by the po-faced nature of The Suburbs, Everything Now sees Montreal’s most popular melange riding their upswing from Reflektor into resplendent synth-pop. Title track ‘Everything Now’ is overclocked for festival fields, mainlining a heady fuel of Primal Scream and Abba, while elsewhere, in the shamelessly upbeat ‘Creature Comfort’, Arcade Fire fully embrace the synth and sleaze of their new direction. It’s texturally threadbare in places (an insult from a band responsible for such rich sounds in the past), but the humour and honesty in its execution is undeniable. This is the boldest Arcade Fire have sounded since Funeral and just as vibrant.

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Live: SSE Arena Wembley on April 11th, 12th + 13th