104542Bella Union – August 19th

As soon as the bending cello welcomes you into Arc Iris’ Moon Saloon, you are transported, much like its cover suggests, to an otherworldly place; “What is reality? Not this place I see” coos Jocie Adams early in the piece. The mind-bending, Lewis Carol-esque hue continues through ‘Kingdom Come’ with its “eee-eee-eee” refrain and wonderfully wild orchestration. Indeed this intelligent mix of instrumentation is an eye-opening feature that appears throughout, as sliding guitars sit next to bucolic string work and triumphant brass, best seen in the wonderfully intricate and rhythmic ‘Paint With The Sun’. At times epic, at times uneasy, always thought-provoking and clever, you will find yourself returning to the Moon Saloon and you’ll feel like a better person when you come out.

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Live: Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen – November 2nd