Aphex Twin – Collapse EP – 14.09.18

Toying with provocative jagged synths and stuttering drums, Collapse perfectly combines precision with disarray. This EP is pure, messed up perfection as beauty cuts through the noise, with a rapidness and robotic aggression. It seems like the most talked about electronic release of the year is matching up to the hype, as installations pop up across the city, Richard D. James aka Aphex Twin blends art and sound with stunning results.

Back on top form since 2016’s Cheetah EP, James sends you into a vortex of sound across the five tracks in this album.The first single released gave us a taste of what was to come, ‘T69 collapse’ demonstrated his ability to create meticulous chaos. This track drills into your head and then hurls you into violently into a heavy mess of fragmented drums, creating a lucid energy.

‘abundance10edit[2R8’s, FZ20m & a 909]’ does this too, which is more mellow and reserved but still jerks you with it’s childlike vocals phasing in and out as the more violent drum beats kicks, offbeat enough that they it feels right. It is this abstract art that he creates within these tracks that make the album so faultless, the obscure noise he creates that is blended with finesse, it’s hard to out your finger on it, you just know it sounds so good.

‘1st 44’ is captivating, a multilayering of snares giving you so many different textures to feast upon. With elevated synths that are heightened by racing drum beats, James has you in the palm of his hand. The sequential nature of the repetitive clapping is almost hypnotic, showing off his talent for sound design and fastidious approach to creating music. ‘MT1 t29r2’ is another very beautifully created track, having made its debut at Field Day last year it was a welcomed addition to the collection.

Wrapping the album off is ‘phex’ which has an unearthliness to it, as it starts off melodic yet wares down and reveals its industrial undertones with jittering rhythm. That’s the sound that James creates throughout the collection, a kind of mesmerising mechanical blend that he has perfected through years and years of refinement. Collapse has stabilised Aphex Twin’s name as one of the most interesting electronic artists on the planet right now, who knows where he will go now.

Collapse EP is out now.