Toronto-based singer songwriter Anna Sofia has blessed the music scene with two new videos in the past few weeks – an acoustic take on her track ‘Either Way’ accompanied by dark yet dreamy visuals, plus her latest release ‘Don’t Play Pretend’, a colourful and playfully mad pop hit.

We caught up with Anna Sofia to talk about lockdown, and her new releases below –

Hey Anna! How are you today?

I’m good, I’ve been away at a cottage for a week writing music with my team so it’s been really fun! Other than that we’ve been playing lots of fun games and have had so many fun times! My favourite memory so far would be my manager singing “I like to move it move it” while we were playing heads up. He made me spit out my water everywhere!

How have you found the lockdown process?

At the beginning I really struggled with being productive. I went from a crazy busy daily schedule to literally having nothing to do. Later during quarantine I picked up some new hobbies to keep myself occupied. I started painting, made my own mini house studio, and started reading more (i hated reading before quarantine). I’m currently reading Moonwalk which is a biography on one of my biggest inspirations especially for the Broken Perfection EP, Michael Jacksonnnn!!!

Your ‘Broken Perfection’ EP is out now – how would you describe it to anyone who hasn’t heard you before?

For anyone who hasn’t heard it yet I would describe it as a modern funk vibe. Many of my biggest inspirations such as Queen, Elton John, and Michael Jackson had cool elements of funk in their music and it really inspired me to explore that world myself. When I listen to the EP I imagine myself in the car with friends just jamming, or having a dance party in my room by myself.

You’ve released a gorgeous acoustic version of ‘ Either Way’- what does this song mean to you?

This song was originally written about someone else dealing with body image issues. I soon realized that maybe I should be taking my own advice and doing something with it. I have always struggled with putting more focus on the outside Anna rather than the inside Anna. After writing this song I started to try and learn to focus on who I am on the inside because that’s what matters most. I released this song in hopes that I could address the people that feel the same way as I do. Its really nice to know that you’re not the only one feeling that way. Being very influenced by social media, people including myself tend to focus on achieving what they see on their screen. I hope to grow with these people and work on being okay with my insecurities and not feel bad when I go on social media.

What comes next for Anna Sofia?

Well this week i’ve gotten so much music written so hopefully we can give another project to everyone very soon! My band and I have been rehearsing all the music to be ready for when live shows are a thing again. I have been doing live stream performances so I could at least bring people together through my platform and all jam together to some music. It’s been really fun and i’ve gotten a lot of great feedback from them. Lastly, i’m hoping to get some merchandise out this year!!

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