99213Moshi Moshi – March 4th

I got to hear my best mate’s baby son laugh for the first time a few weeks back, and still, the best thing I’ve heard all year is this Anna Meredith record right here. Previously a composer-in-residence for the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, she’s now making wonderful music that sits somewhere between the synth brass experiments of black metal trolls Liturgy (‘Nautilus’) and Holly Herndon’s poppier leanings (‘Dowager’). Yes, that’s a broad spectrum, but thankfully Meredith’s work all along it is stunning wherever it lands. Varmints is clever enough to be right at home at your Barbicans, your ICAs or your Café Otos, but its subversive pop element succeeds so strongly it could turn even the stuffiest of them into a proper knees up.

Buy: Anna Meredith – Varmints

Live: ICA – March 29th