Domino – August 31st

She took her time, but it paid off. Hunter – only Anna Calvi’s third record after a five year break – is a delight of an album, a sensual, defiant and exploratory work that’s a rewarding reintroduction to an artist we didn’t know we missed so much.

On a record of refinement rather than reinvention, the corners are darker and the brightness more dazzling than before. Its triumphs are numerous, but here’s just a selection; the fascinating gender deconstructions in ‘As a Man’ and lead single ‘Don’t Beat The Girl Out of My Boy’, the spellbinding title track (simply the finest thing Calvi has ever laid to tape), and the surprising, borderline Nine Inch Nails-isms of ‘Indies or Paradise’. You’re in for a wonderful, bewildering treat.

Photo by Maisie Cousins.

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Live: Rough Trade East on September 5th and Roundhouse on February 7th