Rooted in healing and recovery, Anjimile’s debut album Giver Taker comprises a staggering, raw and powerful collection of deeply personal introspections. Ahead of releasing his debut this Friday, Anjimile shares five tracks he’s digging right now. 

Into each song on Giver Taker Anjimile pours great depths of emotion; his distinct, rich vocal timbre conveying the weight and significance of each carefully considered verbalisation. His voice holds a captivating hypnotism as he gracefully shifts from hushed, airy intonations to husky intensity, undulating alongside minimal, impactful instrumentation that ripples and swells with striking intricacy.

An album that Anjimile penned much of whilst in treatment for alcohol and substance abuse, the raw vulnerability that permeates the record is stark and tender. Across the tracks, Anjimile grapples with pain and grief, both that of his recovery and also the process of fully realising his true non-binary trans identity. Yet in spite of the difficult time that shaped this record, the takeaway from Giver Taker is a glimmering hope. “A lot of the album was written when I was literally in the process of improving my mental health, so there’s a lot of hopefulness and wonder at the fact that I was able to survive,” Anjimile says. “Not only survive but restart my life and work towards becoming the person I was meant to be”.

There’s something about the title Giver Taker that captures the ephemerality and transience of existence, and the freedom that comes with this recognition, of being faced with our own mortality and surviving in spite of it, is something that manifests in the album. Through the record, a resplendent, renewed and determined delight in life gently blossoms with reverent vibrancy; and it feels sacred to witness as Anjimile allows us to join him on this journey through Giver Taker.

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5 tracks I’m digging right now:

SAULT – “Don’t Waste My Time”

I’m a sucker for an elemental bass groove, gang vocals, and ripping guitar riffs. This song is bursting with black rage, and it’s beautiful.

Samia – “Waverley”

The Baby is such an excellent album, and the groove of this tune just makes my body feel good. And the way that Samia’s voice glides effortlessly, gracefully, ethereally above the rhythm section. Goddamn! It’s just good shit.

Bartees Strange – “Boomer”

This song is so sick. It twists and turns like a sexy, high-octane rollercoaster. I’ve never heard such a delicious hybridization of Taking Back Sunday-era rock/punk and modern hip hop cadences. Also, this is a great song to jog to.

Mustard w/ Roddy Ricch – “Ballin”

One of my best friends introduced me to this song about a year ago and I still listen to it all the time. I think Roddy Ricch is an underrated singer – obviously his bars are on point, but his melodicism is also fantastic. And Mustard’s production is so warm and crispy and luscious. I love this recording.

Gabe Goodman – “The Villain”

Gabe Goodman is an excellent songwriter and producer, and I’m incredibly excited for his new music (full disclosure: Gabe produced Giver/Taker). “The Villain” boasts some delicious indie guitar work, a subtle groove and a shy swagger that I really appreciate. Good shit, Gabe.

Giver Taker is out this Friday (18th September) via Father/Daughter Records. Pre-order here.

Photo credit: Kannetha Brown