Jagjaguwar – November 10th

It’s easy to dismiss rarities albums as sonic offal. They often possess a discernible crate-digging vibe that makes them uncomfortable listens for even the most loyal stans. Coming into Phases having never heard an Angel Olsen hit is difficult, but not impossible. For those that are considering it, it’s a record that – while predictably scrappy – highlights the deep Americana strands running through her melodies. New song and My Woman off-cut ‘Special’ makes an appearance here. While its Woodstock-baiting sixties psychedelia don’t quite chime with the Mazzy Star-perfection of My Woman, it’s actually better than half that album. This is a rarities collection that charms when you least expect it, the dusty crackle and tender singing on ‘Only With You’ being one of those sublime moments.

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