Photo by Michael Schmelling.

Sacred Bones Records – March 30th

Damon McMahon recorded his ramshackle solo debut in an upstate New York trailer park. Four albums and 10 years later, Freedom completes his journey from lone miscreant to sonic mastermind. With gritty Destroyer-like lyrics and Kurt Vile-esque slacker snarl, he makes it sound easy. The louche guitar line on ‘Time’ just melts between his verse and breezy woo-hoo-hoo chorus, while the harmonica hops effortlessly into ‘Skipping School’. Help from Italian electro legend Panoram and producer Chris Coady (Beach House) means McMahon can confidently utter lines such as: “Some say fake it/ I don’t know man,” with ruthless abandon and authenticity. With the pace always set to relaxed over the 11 tracks, it’s an album that pays – and rewards – attention to detail.

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Live: Omeara on May 2nd