Conexão – Out now

Amber Mark’s blossoming and textured sonic tapestries know no bounds; her music exists distinctly in a world of it’s own making as she blends soulful R&B with Brazilian bossa nova sensibilities and dreamy, infectious pop melodies. Having received resounding acclaim for last year’s debut 3:33am EP, a record of catharsis and grieving dealing with the passing of her mother, Conexão provides the subsequent stage to the multi-instrumentalist and producer’s aural journal, as she puts it “I try to be honest with my feelings, so it’s like you’re reading a book about my life and it’s the next chapter”.

‘Conexão’, the opening title track of her sultry, smooth new EP, sways sensually to bossa nova rhythms over which Mark’s rich, dusky vocals effervesce. A track that sees Mark exude passion with an undeniable vivacity, the glistening, resonant piano melodies and sauntering percussion transport you away instantly to a moonlit evening where you can almost feel a warm, crepuscular breeze in the sonic spell she casts. As Mark sings “don’t you take your eyes off me” she exerts her powers of seduction, setting the tone for these songs through which she earnestly purveys her multi-faceted search for love.

Influenced by a nomadic upbringing courtesy of her mother, which saw Mark uproot to new places across the world every few years, her music reflects this diverse wealth of global sounds she encountered along the way. Conexão undoubtedly encapsulates this throughout the tracks as Mark’s talent for crafting music that melds these varied sonic traditions stunningly shine through. ‘All the Work’ offers undeniably suave dancefloor grooves, whilst ‘Love Me Right’ is vulnerable and powerful in its lyricism as Mark frankly enunciates her terms to a lover, accompanying her resplendent, graceful vocals with emotive, majestic strings, glistening melodies and laid-back R&B rhythms.

Proffering her own take on Sade’s 1988 classic ‘Love Is Stronger Than Pride’, Mark brings oscillating, erratic beats to the track over which her dazzling, affecting intonations glide. And it’s no surprise that Mark has already earned high praise from the seminal singer herself for Mark’s distinctive reinterpretation, with Sade messaging her to say “I love your voice, you sound amazing on the track, and I love what you did with it. I’m wishing you so much success”.

Writing and producing all the music herself Mark is a formidable and inspiring force within the still incredibly male dominated industry. Her determination to shake things up, and empower other female producers, is evident through her impeccable, entrancing compositions, and Conexão resolutely sets Mark out even more as a fresh and vital voice to take note of.

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