My memory works in a funny way…I always have a hard time stringing memories together and remembering in which order they took place, or which one is connected to which. It’s more or like a memory collage. So here’s my memory collage of times spent in London. I remember my very first show in London at The Social and they had a lovely sound guy who looked like Gandalf and was impossibly tall. I remember one time we agreed to sleep at my brother’s house. He lived in a warehouse with 15 other people in Hackney Wick. We only got to his house at 4am and fell asleep in his kitchen where it was literally freezing on the sticky floor. I remember the next night we put cardboard on the floor to make it more homely. I remember playing Moth Club one time when our drummer Jaap was really sick and we took him to get cold medicine in the supermarket and he accidentally made the impression to the counter guy that he was having a heart attack (“I have a pain in my chest and my arm”) who freaked out. I remember Jaap’s friends Jillis’ housemate who may have been on drugs hitting on our bass player Ronald one time when we were sleeping at their house. I remember eating really tasty veggie hotdogs. I remember being stuck in traffic a lot. I remember being picked up from London City airport by a driver with a little sign with my name on it and feeling like a proper rock star. I remember playing in a German schnitzel house in London where we were the only non-metal/hardrock band on the line-up and we had to close off the evening with our jingle jangle for an industry crowd drunk on German beer. I remember walking into the office of Heavenly Recordings for the first time when I was picking up keys from a friend and I didn’t know yet they would release my record later. I didn’t even make a record yet. Now I have and it’s given me all of these memories in London and so many other cities.

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