We once referred to her singing as “understated yet commanding” and capable of “meandering through sweet melodies”, she’s even the type of singer that can make you sit up and listen, even in a crowded room. Which is why we’re super happy to announce that Annelotte De Graaf – aka Amber Arcades – will return to London to play VISIONS festival in August.

We’re not the only big fans of the Dutch singer. Bill Ryder-Jones, the producer and former guitarist from The Coral, also sings her praises. He recently admitted: “I’m quite jealous of Annelotte’s ability to find the right words to fit her melodies, it’s a rare thing these days.”

The pair recorded the track ‘Wouldn’t Even Know’ from her excellent Cannonball EP, released earlier this month on Heavenly Recordings. However, she began singing in far more modest surroundings. Philadelphia, to be precise.

With growing confidence and the desire to expand her melancholic bedroom folk sound, she got in touch with producer Ben Greenberg (Beach Fossils, The Men, Destruction Unit) in 2015 to produce a collection of songs she had written over the years. He agreed and De Graaf flew out to New York to record in Brooklyn’s Strange Weather studio, backed by a band consisting of members of Real Estate, Quilt and Kevin Morby.

As we’ve had our eyes and ears on her for some time, we thought it would be a cracking idea to hear what bands she will be checking out at VISIONS. To help, she’s prepared a handy list – complete with a hot mess, a bad ass, and a side serving of creepy and confrontational as her festival picks. Dig in.

Jenny Hval

I’ve been wanting to see Jenny Hval for many years now. On record, her music is the most special kind, unsettling and confrontational, but also elating and transcendental. I feel like all these feelings will only be intensified seeing her perform live.

The Men

Ben Greenberg who produced my latest records used to play in The Men for some years – that’s how I got on to their music. Again, never seen them live yet, but expecting a hot mess with loads of energy, long hair-don’t care mentality.

Noga Erez

Dude, this lady. All stereotypes surrounding females and the kind of music they (should) make still around in 2017 are pretty much destroyed by Noga Erez. So. Bad. Ass. I’m expecting her to make it big.

Zebra Katz

Heard a lot of buzz about this guy, sounds kind of like hip-hop meets house in an arty way… Hoping it will be mad creepy and confrontational live.


I actually didn’t know much about Sophie but I just listened and I was like, hey I know this voice! Turns out it’s the singer who also sang on that QT song which I really love. Now I’m really digging this Sophie stuff. Kind of like the perfect computer-pop music. Excited to see how it works out live!

Wolf Eyes

They will be crazy intense live, I reckon. I’m seeing clips on YouTube featuring the band with clarinets and saxophones making noises I’ve never heard made with those instruments. Paired off with doomy guitars and industrial drumloops, this takes me right back to my gothy teenage years, but in a more grown up and actual awesome way.


I’ll always be a sucker for Nineties alt rock, and this is some fine specimen. Sometimes sweet and nostalgic, sometimes dry and humorously observant, always supremely cool.

Helado Negro

I saw this guy once at Le Guess Who? festival and he was amazing then. Minimalistic, drone-y, exotic electronic beats with sensual vocals to drift away to…

Amber Arcades play VISIONS festival on August 5th