Alright The Captain – Contact Fix // Album Review

ATCSelf Released – February 2nd

It’s takes one minute and 12 seconds of Contact Fix’s opening track ‘Toaster Mouse’ for Alright The Captain to blow up the balloons and hang the welcome banners for their return. With the pleasantries out the way all that’s left to do is party the only way ATC know how; whirling math-jazz, bonkers prog and all the pedal-twiddiling, time signature-switching, guitar riff-shredding you have come to expect from this most unusual trio.

With the help of 133 faithful Kickstarter backers and the recording expertise of You Slut!’s Richard Collins, Contact Fix has found life; weird, sprawling, squishy life. 2011’s release Snib feels a world away launching into lead single ‘Ben & Barbara’, fully embracing the heavy side of math, followed by the insidious and clever ‘I’m not smart I don’t have all that book learning stuff’. It’s a more direct approach than that of, say, ‘Cleft’ or ‘Mutiny On The Bounty’, thanks in no small part to Todd Wood’s prominent and inventive work on bass and Jamie Cattermore, fresh to the throne for this album, sounding vicious on drums.

Richard Collins’ influence can be heard too. You Slut! may be no more but their noisy ghost haunts the teched-out crescendo of ‘Baltirific’ and the shifting ground of ‘Ben & Barbara’. It all makes for one definitive, hefty step into more forceful territory for ATC. Without sacrificing their virtuosity the trio have embraced a denser, more satisfying sound to corral the head bangers and well as the beat-counters.


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Live: The Good Ship – March 21st