Twin Records – February 21st

‘Fresh Laundry’, the first track on Cape God, is also the earliest taste we had of new Allie X material. Confronted by unnerving versions of herself against a backdrop of moody electronic growls and the unshakeable hook of “I want to be near fresh laundry, it’s been too many years of not folding”, it’s visually astounding and sounds phenomenal.

Consider it a tone-setter, because everything on Cape God resembles only the most infectious, sleekest cuts of pop. Highlights come thick and fast; ‘June Gloom’ is reminiscent of Prince at his funkiest, the Mitski-featuring ‘Susie Save Your Love’ is a shimmering ballad and the exhilarating ‘Life of The Party’ and ‘Super Duper Party People’ go for the throat. 2020 should be dominated by Allie X.

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Live: Heaven on June 4th