With her debut EP Wiz out now, we caught up with the incredible Alika to talk five pivotal tracks. 

Bringing her incisive self-assurance and mesmerising charisma, Alika fully affirms that she plays by her own rules with Wiz. Across the six tracks, her effortlessly suave flow and sharp, astute bars blend with an array of infectious dance beats and sultry grooves, fusing garage inflections with grime, hip-hop, and melodic R&B. Featuring Big Zuu, Br3nya, Trillary Banks and Courtney Bennett, Wiz marks a huge artistic statement from Alika and builds on previous acclaim with inimitable mastery.

“The name WIZ came about when I co-wrote “Wavey” and I feel it started to resonate with how I see myself as a creative; trying to be a wizard in the studio, as well as how I see my journey which I envision to be a long, eventful & fruitful road, my yellow brick road.” Alika details. Adding, “WIZ is my first EP and a project full of different vibes & flavours, relatable & real content & catchy hooks/flows.”

Get to know Alika In Five…

Cliq ft Alika – Wavey

I feel like I found myself as a rapper on this track so I definitely feel like it inspired the style of my rapping that you hear throughout the project.

Gwen Stefani – Sweet Escape

I love the way Gwen Stefani uses her voice. She has such character in her vocal. I love the way she infuses pop & hip hop elements together in her music & was inspired by songs like Sweet Escape during my writing process.

Alika – Innit Tho

Being my first single, I felt like Innit Tho belonged on my EP & it’s fun, bouncy vibe definitely inspired me to make a versatile project that includes Innit Tho as well as other songs that compliment but also contrast it.

Lauryn Hill – Doo Wop

I love this record. I feel like you hear sprinkles of my inspiration from this record in mainly Karma & Action. I am a huge fan of the melodic, catchy hook paired with some real, honest lyrics.

Unknown T – Homerton B

The energy in this record, the interesting flows were all something I wanted to capture in Dolla Signs but with female energy. The beat is so hard & the flows are so skippy, I love it.

‘Wiz’ EP is out now.